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‘World of Women’ NFTs Are Cracking Crypto’s Boys-Club Image

‘World of Women’ NFTs Are Cracking Crypto’s Boys-Club Image

The world of NFT is overwhelmingly and grossly dominated by men and if you would organize a party with the bestselling non-fungible tokens, you would see apes crawling in dive bars, puking kids, animated bears looking like frat guys, and so on. However, when the WoW (World of Women) NFT collection was introduced to the world, a series of ten thousand diverse avatars of women joined the party. Yam Karkai created these Amazonian women avatars and illustrated them with the mission to aid the women-centric sectors.

Within just two weeks, the brainchild of Karkai had successfully generated over USD 40 million. Even though the NFT collection was sold out in the wink of an eye after its launch in July, these avatars are currently on the way to become special collectors’ items –during launch, the price of the rarest NFTs of WoW was around 0.07 Ethereum i.e. about USD 225, but now these are officially priced at hundreds of thousands.

If you check the WoW website, you will find out that their intention with the WoW project was to keep a balanced representation in the Non-Fungible Token world while supporting causes close to their hearts and pushing those forward. While illustrating these avatars, Karkai deliberately deterred from using political and religious symbols and elements specifying any custom or practice of culture. In an interview with CoinDesk’s crypto blog last fall, Karkai said that as each avatar was generated randomly on launch according to different pre-designed traits she did not want users to get, for example, a white girl with blue eyes and afro.

Karzai's WoW project fans stand out due to her philanthropic promises, attention to detailing, and care. A Twitter user and owner of an avatar points out that the WoW team has incorporated refreshing ideas and done more than having a self-interest in mind. A former castmate of Real Housewives of Atlanta and tech investor Tanya Sam was very much thrilled to see all the avatars that looked like her and her friends and stated that among the first NFTs bought by her was that of WoW because it aims in equipping newbies with knowledge through Discord conversations alongside educational hub for better navigation in the market. She also added that she was surprised by the number of women, especially black paying attention or showing interest in learning more about this space.

MonthlyAirdropsare being conducted by WoW where users can buy NFTinto virtual wallets from lesser-known or budding crypto artists including many women across the globe. The goal might be to fill thecrypto market with new faces with one airdrop at a time.

Celebrities keep on paying more attention to NFTs, for example, Charlotte York Goldenblatt from Sex and the City would love to get images as social currency to adorn the gallery walls of Park Avenue. In mid-October last year, Reese Witherspoon was the first from Hollywood to change her display picture with a blue-skinned blonde-haired WoW avatar. The stampede started in January within which Eva Longoria and Shonda Rhimes bought and showed off their new NFTs and Huda Kattan, entrepreneur and influencer with 50 million Instagram followers sported her WoW avatar as a profile picture.

Logan Paul, YouTuber-Boxer sold WoW avatar to online games platform The Sandbox for 200 Ethereum. Olympic gold medalist and 2-time WNBA all-star Napeesa Collier, a chief digital officer of Ralph Lauren Alice Delahunt, Mexican artist Thalia, and chief brand officer of Bumble Selby Drummond started buying NFT, encouraging about 40 million followers combined. Liam Payne from One Direction became a WoW member and on 12th January, the WoW team revealed that Guy Oseary, superstar manager famous for his link with Madonna, represented this collective.

On NFT marketplace Opensea top 15, WoW project was already trending and it became 4th the next day when its floor price rose significantly to be valued quarter of billion dollars. Sold at 8.9 Ethereum on average, 347 WoW NFTs were traded on Wednesday, thereby, nearly USD 10 million was traded in a day.

All the money was triggered by the resale market. WoW, the website stated that it earned only around 2 million from an initial sellout, of which 15% was put into funds for crypto art reinvesting, 5% was donated equally on Too Young To Wed (child marriage eradication) charity and She’s The First (women education) charity and 2.5% was given to Strange Cintia who needed aid for surgery for severe myalgic encephalomyelitis. WoW has been hosting a few auctions since then.