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Will there be any impact on fil's production cut? Which FIL mining farms is better?

Will there be any impact on fil's production cut? Which FIL mining farms is better?

The topic that Fil Mining’s production will be cut half in this coming October has become a central issue. Fil miners want to know will it be a lot less profit after the production cut. So today, let’s discuss will FIL's production cut in October has any impact on its earnings? What are the fil mining farms?

Will there be any impact on fil's mining production cut in October?

The news that FIL will cut production in October is true. According to the official release model, Interplanetary File System will usher in the second production cut on October 15. SAFT will be released linearly for one year. Compared with the FIL circulating in the market every day previously, 87,183 coins will be reduced, and the block rewards of storage providers will not be affected, which means that the daily coin production will not be affected. With the continuous expansion of daily pledges and destruction, the actual circulation of FIL will become smaller and smaller, which is undoubtedly good for the market.

Many people actually confuse the concepts of "production reduction" and "halving", thinking that production reduction means a substantial reduction in the amount of currency produced. The reduction in production only means that the circulation of fil coins on the market has decreased, and has nothing to do with the amount of currency produced. If the circulation is reduced, the demand for fil will increase, which will stimulate the price of fil to rise.

Halving means that the output of coins is exactly reduced by half. For example, we are familiar with BTC, BCH, etc., after reaching a certain block height, the mining farm's output becomes half of the previous one. The official mechanism of fil is the six-year halving mechanism. The total circulation of fil is 2 billion and will never be issued. That is to say, halving every six years, this year is the first year, and only five years later is the halving year of fil.

Therefore, the question that many friends worry about is whether the FIL production cut in October will have an impact. I believe everyone has the answer. The timing of the current entry is relatively good. Although the price of the currency has an obvious trend of rising, it has not really exerted its strength at present, and the cost of pledge + gas is not high, and it is very friendly for new miners to enter the market.

Which fil mining farm is better?

Which FIL mining farm is better? When the efficiency of coin production is not much different, it is natural to choose the affordable price, but don't be blinded by temporary cheapness. There are many miners on the market, and there are quite a lot of routines.

Let’s just talk about a routine, because many customers don’t know how much real-time data is pledged, so some mining companies use this information to maliciously encroach on the interests of customers. For example, the entire network’s pledge plus GAS only costs 5.3 per T. fil coins are around, but some miners have told their customers that they need eight or nine or even a dozen coins to encapsulate, and the more coins will naturally be pocketed by the miners, so pay special attention to this news.

For fil mining farms, you need to choose branded and powerful head miners. At present, the most important head miners include OXBTC, etc. These head miners have represented the country and even the whole country. The level of the world's top miners, the top miners have gone through rounds of market inspections, and they are naturally more trustworthy than some little-known small companies.

From the perspective of storage pool rankings, the OXBTC mining farms are ranked top worldwide. The storage pool has 7 nodes and effective computing power of 373.09 PiB, which can be entered into the fil mining blockchain.

The OXBTC cloud mining is located in China, and has an absolute advantage in geographical location, which is enough to ensure that as a data storage provider in the future, you can get more effective orders! So that the income is guaranteed!

In terms of hardware, OXBTC cloud mining adopts the national backbone network 10G bandwidth, and four major power failure protection measures.

The OXBTC cloud mining Departments are all born in Internet technology, not the IPFS that other non-technical industries have entered.

And have Bitcoin, Ethereum mine owners, and partners of overseas mine owners, who are more experienced in mining;

Because it has an independent production line and factory for mining machine products, and an independent R&D technology department, it never unites with any company in the technical field. All products sold belong to independent R&D and self-produced and self-sold strategies, and there is no intermediate Therefore, in the price of mining machines, OXBTC cloud mining is the king of price-performance ratio among the top miners of the same level, and the return period is the shortest!

Regarding the fil mining production cut in October, will the income have an impact? What are the fil mining farms? Follow the OXBTC website to know more!