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What’s the OXBTC Cloud Mining and How to Start?

What’s the OXBTC Cloud Mining and How to Start?

Accompanied by the continuous skyrocketing of Bitcoin prices, many friends are very interested in Bitcoin mining recently, and mining machines are naturally indispensable for cloud mining. However, the price of mining machines is very expensive. From a few thousand yuan to the current thousands of dollars, some people can only look at it. On the one hand, they just want to try OXBTC cloud mining and don’t want to invest too much money. Faced with uncertainty about its reliability. And Bitcoin mining is getting more and more difficult. If you buy some low-configuration mining machines, it may be difficult to make a profit.
The cloud mining machine is the only mining model that provides low entry cost, low risk, and low cost. It is different from the traditional mining model that requires the purchase of high-configuration hardware and professional maintenance. Due to the complexity of mining and dependence on external factors (such as mining difficulties, Bitcoin exchange rates, equipment costs, etc.), it is almost impossible to predict the amount of personal income. Therefore, OXBTC cloud mining is a low cost, low risk, and low cost. Mining method, you can buy OXBTC cloud mining power on the platform and mine your own cryptocurrency if you don’t want to set up your own mining machine.

Simply put, you can mine without a mining machine, but use someone else's mining machine to mine remotely through the network. It can be said to be a cloud application or a leased hosting service. Cloud mining service providers provide services such as mining machines, networks, operation, and maintenance, while users only need to pay a certain amount of rental and custody service fees, decide which cryptocurrency to mine, and then wait for the money to be collected. As for the tedious process of buying machines and maintenance, you don't have to worry about it at all, and the investment can be large or small, ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.

Why do those computing companies have so much computing power and don't mine by themselves?
Because they have limited funds, they also need to diversify risks to reduce unforeseen risks. At the same time, they can also sell computing power to obtain funds and purchase better and stronger equipment to expand their scale.
So what is a step-by-step approach to OXBTC cloud mining?

First of all, your registered account, choose to purchase the corresponding computing power to mine, then choose the payment method and contract credit card or bitcoin payment, select the currency, which is the type you want to mine, the return will be displayed after 24 hours in UTC time. The mined bitcoins are in the balance of this platform. Cash-out profits after withdrawing to the trading platform, no additional operations are required. It is the characteristic of OXBTC cloud mining to see the profits every day.
The following recommends some relatively large and stable cloud mining websites. Some cloud mining websites cannot be opened because of national conditions, so you can bring your own tools for going to sea/wall penetration.

1. Genesis Mining
Founded in 2013, Genesis Mining is one of the world's largest cloud computing power providers. Co-founder Marco is an early user of Bitcoin and is committed to developing the cloud computing power service market and providing customers with an open and transparent platform. Genesis Mining also actively participates in various Bitcoin-related conferences. Genesis mining company's mining computing power sales can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and so on.

2. Hashflare
HashFlare is a new field of cloud mining machine service brought by the mining algorithm experts of the HashCoins team. The team started participating in the field of digital currency mining from Bitcoin 3 years ago, hoping to contribute to the development of mining machine services and subsequently develop, establish and adopt the exchange rate of Bitcoin. It is not difficult to predict that Bitcoin has existed as a major disruptive technology for decades. Hashflare is a mining computing power sales platform that can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and so on.

3. OXBTC Cloud Mining
OXBTC aims to connect the buyers and sellers of decentralized computing power to one market. With punctual and stable payment, excellent customer service support, high security, and system stability, OXBTC has become a cryptocurrency. A well-known brand in the mining industry.
OXBTC is the largest cryptocurrency computing power market in the world today. It can provide computing power buyers with the computing power of more than 20 different algorithms at any time. Through OXBTC Miner computing power sellers can easily participate in the trading of the computing power market. This software has a visual operation interface, and at the same time, it automatically finds the algorithm with the highest potential profit and automatically sells the computing power of the user's device. The control panel is additionally provided to registered users, providing additional detailed data information, and the user will also be notified when the OXBTC cloud mining machine is offline.