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What’s Dogecoin and How to Earn Free Dogecoins for Beginners

What’s Dogecoin and How to Earn Free Dogecoins for Beginners

Dogecoin mining might be your way to earning much more from cryptos. Bitcoin is still the world’s leading digital coin, but altcoins are catching up. Dogecoin is one of these crypto coins that more people are using nowadays. If you want to profit from this increased use, Dogecoin mining is the way to go.

For first-time investors, we’ll go through the basics of Dogecoin. Then, we’ll explain what Dogecoin mining is and what you need to get started. You could mine Doge by yourself, or you could get others to help you. More importantly, you should check several factors to see if Dogecoin mining will work for you.

When people talk about cryptocurrency, it’s often about buying the coins. You could do more with cryptos than just waiting for price increases. If you have the proper equipment, you could gather Dogecoin and other cryptos while you sleep. When you wake up, you’ll have more coins for more earnings in the long run!

What is Dogecoin?

We could thank the creative minds of Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus for Dogecoin. As the hype for cryptocurrency grew, they grew tired of how serious people were treating the idea.

They found inspiration from the classic Doge meme. It featured a cute image of a Shiba Inu with funny messages around it. In 2013, Marker and Palmer brought Dogecoin to the world.

Now, it’s one of the peer-to-peer digital currencies, including Bitcoin (BITCOIN (BTC)) and other cryptos. Despite being an internet meme, celebrities like Elon Musk are seriously promoting Dogecoin.


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Another way to get start your cryptocurrency investment is to invest one of the Top 10 Digital Coins- Bitcoin (BTC) from mining, which is the most trending way in 2021 to get Bitcoin(BTC).

A Recommended Project is OXBTC Joint Miner****Bitcoin (BTC) Antminer S19i. The BITCOIN (BTC) Antminer S19i is based on the Antminer S19 series with low power consumption, running by joint mining form to share profits and bear risks together.

Parameters of OXBTC BITCOIN (BTC) Antminer S19i

  • Miner Efficiency:0.037KW/THS
  • Maintenance fee:Depends on the actual situation
  • Hashrate:89THS/set
  • Platform Commission:Before payback 0%, after payback 30% of net income.
  • Price:$72.30/THS
  • Products Delivery date:2021-08-10
  • Min. order:1THS
  • Profits Delivery Date:The actual settlement time of mining pool
  • Electric Fee:$0.0750/KWH
  • Contract term:Perpetual
  • Income Allocation
  • Expected Daily Profits = 0.00000932 BITCOIN (BTC) ($0.37)/Day
  • settlement formula:
  • Electricity Price \24H\the Quantity of Hashrate

Expected Daily Profits\*Commission Rate (Expected Daily Profits-Daily Electricity Fees+Maintenance Fees) \*the Quantity of Hashrate

FAQs - OXBTC Joint Mining product instruction

OXBTC Joint Mining is to buy miners and professional hosting services from OXBTC. The miners belong to users and can be freely traded on the platform. OXBTC hosting service’s price and electricity fee are lower than the market average price, users will enjoy the higher mining income and revenues by this more flexible mining way.

What Are Risks and Warnings

1. In the actual operation of the miner, the hashrate may be insufficient due to electricity failure or machine failure, and the risk shall be shared by all users who subscribe to the product.

2. Electricity costs may fluctuate due to changes in national policies and electricity costs, OXBTC reserves the right to adjust electricity fees.

3. OXBTC has no obligation to compensate for early termination of contracts caused by force majeure such as legal policy, war, earthquake, fire, power failure, etc.