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What is the relationship between network security and cloud computing? What is cloud mining?

What is the relationship between network security and cloud computing? What is cloud mining?

A serious company must have several mines. A single mine will not work. In case of force majeure and the mine is gone, investors will lose everything! Large companies run multiple mines, have stable power systems, and have the professional operation and maintenance personnel. This is the most basic guarantee for our investors!
The company puts all the mining machines in the mines on the shelves and connects them to the mining pools. The computing power corresponding to the mining machine is the cloud computing power. This part of the computing power will be sold to the customer by the company, and the customer will purchase the corresponding computing power to obtain the corresponding income.

First of all, although network security and cloud computing are closely related, the difference between the two is also very obvious. They belong to different research fields, and their respective subdivision directions are also obviously different.

As an experienced miner, I have three points to share:

Network security covers a wide range of fields. It can be said that as long as the technical system of network communication is involved, network security is inseparable. In the era of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, the importance of network security has also increased significantly. The security environment has also undergone profound changes. For example, the expansion of network application boundaries has brought more security challenges. What is the relationship between network security and cloud computing? It is the same? What is cloud mining?

The first point is that buying cloud mining services and cloud computing power is definitely more expensive than buying mining machines, but not much because the operating company must make a price difference. Understandably, we are not at ease if they do not make money!

From the perspective of technical architecture, network security involves three major areas. One is the security of the network communication process; the second is end-to-end security, and the third is the security of application scenarios. Because the security strategies that network security needs to formulate under different technical systems are also quite different, network security is usually more directly related to specific technical systems. For example, the Internet of Things defines a separate security layer to solve the Internet of Things. Security threats to the technology system.

The second point is that the mine must be able to go to see it, of course, it is also okay to be able to see the video material. Generally, the strong mine will also give customers a certain amount of publicity! Generally, mines are located in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia.
The third point is that a mining machine is recommended to only mine mainstream coins, I have always only mine Bitcoin and Ethereum, and basically don't touch anything else.
The fourth point is that mining machine revenue can be found online, sometimes high and sometimes low, I was very high on September 17th, and it was very low at other times. If you don't dislike it, you can pay more attention and discuss it with each other.
Different from network security, cloud mining services and cloud computing itself is a service method. Cloud computing and cloud mining services can provide users with computing resources through the Internet (various network forms). The computing resources here cover a wide range of content. As cloud mining services and cloud computing becomes full-stack. With the development of intelligentization, the functions of cloud computing are gradually improving. Judging from the current development trend, early cloud computing mainly provided users with "cheap computing resources" to occupy the market, but the current added value of cloud computing itself has been getting higher and higher.
Under the background of the rapid development of the industrial Internet, cloud computing for enterprises is already a big development trend. On the one hand, cloud mining services can build a big data application foundation for enterprises. Besides, cloud mining services themself also integrates resources and operations for enterprises. Innovation provides new ways.