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What is Electricity Fee Pack and how does it work?

What is Electricity Fee Pack and how does it work?


From Beginner's Guidelines we got that the electricity fee is a key factor in determining the output of a mining rig. But what is electricity fee and how to pay electricity fee may be two main questions from beginners. The below will give you a brief but clear explanation about the two questions.

What is Electricity Fee?

The actual operation of mining rigs requires the consumption of power resources. According to the actual operation of the mining farms, it needs to charge the corresponding electricity fee. In the consideration of mining efficiency, an excellent mining rig should have low miner efficiency and generate few electricity fee.

There is a formula to calculate electricity fee:

Electricity price\*Miner efficiency=Electricity fee.

  • Miner efficiency, the electricity consumed for running a mining rig in one hour, directly determines how much electricity will be consumed for a mining rig working. The lower efficiency decreases corresponding electricity consumption.

  • Electricity price depends on actual unit price of mining farms. It may be changed according to the actual situation.

Under the same electricity price, the mining rig with low miner efficiency will reduce the electricity fee, also its proportion in the total cost would be lower.


So the next question is how to pay electricity fee?

Generally, the electricity fee will be deducted from your daily profit. Moreover, there is a better choice of using the electricity fee pack to pay.

What is Electricity Fee Pack?

Electricity fee pack is used to prepay for the electricity fees generated during the mining process. It can be regarded as depositing to your "balance" of electricity fee. After you purchased the electricity fee pack in corresponding price, the electricity fee will be deducted from the pack in priority. Otherwise, the fee will be deducted from your mining profit.

Tip: Only have purchased any contract(except for FIL contracts) can you purchase the electricity fee pack.

As mentioned above that the electricity fee pack aims at parts of contracts, how to purchase and use it?

First, confirm your completed order if available to use the electricity fee pack, such as the contract of BTC Antminer S19.

Secondly, choose the pack you would like to purchase. Select the amount or customize the amount of the electricity fee pack you need and pay for it.


For more information about purchasing electricity fee pack, check out here.

The Benefits of purchasing Electricity Fee Pack

  1. The 3% discount for purchasing, necessity for new users and crypto hoarders;
  2. Multiple purchases, customize the amount according to your preference;
  3. Manage the target products you prefer to apply the pack.

Closing thoughts

Electricity is an indispensable support for operating any mining rig. Under the relatively stable electricity price, reducing the electricity fee may increase the mining profit at some extent. The function of purchasing electricity fee pack provides a convenient pathway for beginner to carry the electricity fee.

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