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What Is Cryptocurrency? An Easy Guide for Beginners

What Is Cryptocurrency? An Easy Guide for Beginners


When it comes to cryptocurrency, the word "scam" is possibly one of the first that immediately springs to mind. For almost a decade, the concept of cryptocurrencyhas been popular; some individuals use it to buy products and services, while others trade it for profit. Others fall prey to one or more scams due to a lack of awareness about how to protect themselves. We've written a beginner's guide with a full explanation of what bitcoin is, how to buy it, and how to avoid being scammed.

What is Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency is a type of decentralized digital moneythat is utilized via the internet. Bitcoin is a very well-known decentralized cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was initially mentioned in a white paper written by a person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It was the very first cryptocurrency, and it is still the most popular, influential, and well-known. Since then, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum have gained in popularity as digital alternatives to government-issued money.

While digital currency is a digital representation of real-world money. Although it has no physical presence, it may be used to purchase goods and conduct transactions in any area of the world. While digital currencies do not require encryption, users will need to protect the digital wallet from loss or hacking .

Differences Between Cryptocurrency And Digital Currency



In the digital wallet, the digital currency is not encrypted at all, whereas the cryptocurrency is heavily encrypted. In digital money, one must open an account with no security — your bank account could be hacked at any time, and you could lose all of your funds. However, to secure all Bitcoins and Dogecoins from serious cyber assault, one must create an account on a forum with a cybersecurity system.

Current Exchange Rate

In the worldwide market, the present rate of digital currencies is almost steady and simple to deal with. Before engaging in any type of business, there is no need to conduct thorough research. However, the bitcoin market is quite volatile. It consists of the possible risk that has not been thoroughly investigated before to any investment or large transaction between two companies. While completing a transaction, there's a chance you'll notice a quick fluctuation in the price of the cryptocurrency.


There is a touch little bit of transparency within the cryptocurrency data whereas coping with digital currencies. Its receiver or sender can solely get the knowledge associated with the group action process - quantity, bank, time, and date. However, transparency is that the most significant feature of cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology provides the whole stream of speech communication between the 2 parties relating to all transactions— past and current. All the personal conversations square measure maintained with confidentiality solely between the dealers and nobody else will get access thereto.


The digital currency has the centralized authority wherever the Reserve Banks manage the whole banking industry of the several countries. Banks have the authority to closely monitor the group action flow for everybody whether or not it's for a digital notecase or a physical notecase. within the case of cryptocurrency, it's a localized system wherever there's no presence of a 3rd party to possess authority over the investors.

Transaction fee

There is a hefty quantity of group action fees with digital currencies when there's payment through the digital notecase. However, there's no system of group action fee in coping with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology helps to cut back the expense furthermore as no additional commission for the third party agents. Cryptocurrency is incredibly helpful for investors to subsume significant transactions involving valuable assets.

How Cryptocurrency Works


Cryptocurrency is predicated on accord mechanisms, and it's localized because of the adoption of blockchain technology, that uses a distributed ledger. this is often the key to understanding however cryptocurrency works.

A blockchain may be a list of transactions that anyone will read and verify, just like the receipt we tend to get within the grocery store. as an example, the Bitcoin blockchain may be a record of each time somebody sends or receives a bitcoin. This list of transactions is crucial for many cryptocurrencies as a result of it permits secure payments to be created between folks that don’t understand one another while not having to travel through a third-party booster sort of a bank.

The blockchain ledger is split across all the computers on the network, that square measure perpetually confirmatory that the blockchain is correct. this implies there's no central vault, entity, or information that may be hacked, stolen, or manipulated.

Additionally, cryptocurrency uses a blockchain technology referred to as public-private key cryptography to transfer coin possession on a secure and distributed ledger. a personal secret is a secret that ne'er must be shared with anyone, just like the secret for your bankcard; whereas, the associate associated public key will be freely and safely shared with others to receive worth on the network.

What Benefits Can Cryptocurrencies Bring to you?


1. Swifter, cheaper cryptocurrency transactions

Instead of having to travel through all the legalities and spare steps once causing cash to a different person, a crypto transfer is comparatively straightforward and easy. No agents, brokerage fees, commissions, and further fees square measure required, that simply makes approach for a quick, easy, and low-cost group action.

2. Secure and confidential dealings

Any group action through with cryptocurrency is encrypted, safe, and essentially anonymous. nobody will get the possibility to spy on your monetary activity or get your details from your account history, as banks would. solely you've got the facility to look at your recent transactions.

3. Financial freedom for the unbanked

Globally, their square measure is around seven billion unbanked adults. this implies they need no account with any institution or mobile cash supplier.

This could be thanks to the strict application method and necessities monetary establishments need from their depositors, which may be an excellent hindrance to several. Since that doesn't exist with cryptocurrency, someone will simply build an associate account directly.

4. Quick international trade

What wont to take days or weeks to finish will be transferred in a very matter of seconds with crypto. Since these square measure online transactions don't get to be passed on from one bank to a different, the waiting time for cash transfers is reduced, regardless of wherever you're within the world.

5. A growing investment chance

It has been a short while since Bitcoin arrived, and currently, there square measure around five,000 different altcoins in circulation nowadays, serving over twenty,000 markets.

This sector can solely grow within the future because the world adapts and takes on the requirements of the post-modern population. variety of those coins square measure already in use and circulation nowadays, and it'll be an excellent investment chance for those that need to participate in commercialism them.

What Are the Different Types of Crypto?



According to knowledge from CoinMarketCap, there square measure presently quite thirteen,015 living. New tokens square measure taking drugs all the time – every with a special use case and backstory.

The industry’s market cap fluctuates daily – usually driven by the performance of major digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Up until currently, Bitcoin (BTC) encompasses forty-five. 4% share of the market however this will begin to diminish once altcoins show dominance.

Here’s a listing of the ten biggest cryptocurrencies by capitalization, together with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano (ADA), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether, Solana, XRP, Dogecoin, Polkadot (DOT), USD (USDC). as a result of their square measure numerous virtual currencies at wildly variable costs, the market cap helps to spot those with the best valuation. Note that the name of the blockchain platform is also totally different from its digital currency.

How To Get Cryptocurrency? Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency Transactions


Purchase on Crypto Exchanges

The easiest way is to buy cryptocurrency on online exchanges, like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance US, Crypto.com, and Gemini. typically speaking, you may solely get to produce an associate account on a crypto exchange to shop for cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin money (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), or rising coins like Stellar Lumens or Greek deity. sure as shooting cryptocurrencies, some exchanges supply opportunities to earn gratis. moreover, you are doing not got to conduct a transaction with an entire coin. For example, on Coinbase, you'll purchase parts of coins in increments as very little as a pair of bucks, euros, pounds, or the equivalent in your native currency.

Earn Cryptos by CPU/GPU Mining

Miners use their computers to resolve complicated mathematical equations that validate blocks of transactions. Cryptocurrencies square measure already created within a protocol that gets on to the market once it's cracked with valid keys. As a result, the one who engages within the mining method gets a present. Interested candidates sometimes are part of mining networks and interact in mining work with different members.

Choose Crypto Cloud Mining Service

Cloud Mining is that the method of cryptocurrency mining that utilizes a distant knowledge center with shared process power. reaching to facilitate users mine Bitcoins or different cryptocurrencies while not the necessity to manage the hardware, cloud mining makes the mining method easier and quicker for users to earn cryptocurrencies. tho' there square measure several platforms providing cloud mining services within the market, [OXBTC](https://www.oxbtc.com/) is of the most effective service of mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Filecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. with high proficiency.

OXBTC Cloud Mining

As a platform that focuses on providing specialized cloud services, OXBTC primarily offers spots in secure and stable mining farms, the period watching of hashing power, cheap electricity fee, and also the repair and maintenance of mining machines. Users of OXBTC services will like better to buy cryptocurrency or rent mining rigs. With OXBTC, you may not get to show up face to face for any drawback which will occur throughout the operation of mining machines. Instead, you'll read the operation and maintenance of your mining machines on a smartphone.


Moreover, cryptocurrency permits for secure online payments that square measure denominated in terms of virtual “tokens,” that square measure delineated by ledger entries among the system. Investors will cash in on cryptocurrency by mining bitcoins or selling their bitcoins for profits.

So a way to opt for that cryptocurrency to buy? the most effective approach is to raise yourself what you’re hoping to try and do with crypto. as an example, if you would like to shop for a laptop computer with crypto, bitcoin may be a decent choice as a result of its the foremost wide accepted. On the opposite hand, if you would like to play a digital game, then Ethereum may be a style selection.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of 2021


Cryptocurrency exchanges square measure a dime a dozen, however, there square measure solely a number of we predict add up for long crypto investors. Here we elect the foremost in style exchanges that attract several investors.

1. Coinbase - Good for Beginners

Coinbase was the primary cryptocurrency exchange to travel the public on the data system in 2021, however, it’s been around since 2012. The cryptocurrency exchange offers over fifty cryptos and a free notecase service with personal key access.


Offers access to quite 50 cryptocurrencies.

Low minimum to fund account.

Cryptocurrency is insured in the event web site is hacked.


Higher fees than different cryptocurrency exchanges.

2. Gemini - Good for Experienced Investors

Gemini was launched in 2015 and is nice for beginner investors and active traders. Gemini offers over forty cryptocurrencies and a set of products that may add worth for additional seasoned investors.


More than fifty cryptocurrencies.

Site insurance of digital assets against hacks.

Available altogether U.S. states.


Higher fees than other crypto exchanges.

3. eToro - Good for Practicing Crypto Trading

eToro opened to investors within the U.S. as a cryptocurrency exchange in 2018. Crypto commercialism on the platform is proscribed to forty-three states, with Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, and Tennessee being excluded from collaborating. this is often the sole platform we have a tendency to suggest that’s not out there altogether fifty states, however, we predict it's options that build it attention-grabbing for folks within the states wherever it's out there. eToro offers a straightforward interface and over twenty cryptocurrencies to decide on.


Offers access to seventeen cryptocurrencies.

Low minimum to fund associate account and start finance.

Social trading: Ability to match moves of in-style traders.


Service solely out there in forty-four U.S. states.

While eToro has forex and equity commercialism out there in different countries, U.S. eToro customers square measure restricted to crypto trades.

4. Binance - Good for Altcoins Trading

If there is a candidate for the most popular cryptocurrencies exchange, it would be Binance. This coin website options an infatuated virtual notecase. you'll conjointly trade many currencies on this platform. With over fifty numerous cryptocurrencies that you just will trade, it's no surprise why several traders opt for this exchange.


More than fifty cryptocurrencies out there.

Low commercialism fees.


Not out there in seven U.S. states.

Fewer crypto-to-crypto currency pairs than the world Binance website.

5. Cash App - Good for withdrawing bitcoins

Cash App supports peer-to-peer cash transfer. group action fees during this money exchange vary looking on the group action. money App offers loads of flexibility once it involves retreating coins. Besides Bitcoins, you'll conjointly invest in stocks on this platform. Its UI style is convenient and straightforward to use.


Easily build and receive mobile payments

You can buy and sell Bitcoin

No fee choice to send and receive cash

Simplifies reimbursements

Invest in stocks with no commission fees


Low early limit for the primary thirty days

Does not associate with Federal Deposit insurance firm (FDIC) coverage

Cannot be used internationally, out there to US and GB solely

What Is Cryptocurrency Market Cap (Market Capitalization)


The overall value of a cryptocurrency is known as its market capitalization. Whereas stock market capitalization is derived by multiplying the price of a stock by the number of shares outstanding, the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency is computed by multiplying its price by the number of coins in circulation.

How to calculate the cryptocurrency market cap?

For example, the market capitalization of Bitcoin is calculated by multiplying the current number of coins in circulation – over 18 billion — by the price of Bitcoin at the time. Bitcoin's market capitalization swings as its price fluctuates, which it does regularly. Bitcoin's price has fluctuated between $55,000 and $65,000 in recent weeks, resulting in a substantial market capitalization range: · $55,000 x 18.8 million = $1.034 trillion · $60,000 x 18.8 million = $1.128 trillion · $65,000 x 18.8 million = $1.222 trillion

Here's how Ethereum compares to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization: Ethereum has a market capitalization of roughly $351 billion, with a price of $3,000 and a circulation of about 117 million coins. Even though there are far more Ethereum coins in circulation, Bitcoin's market valuation is higher.

Is market capitalization the most reliable way to gauge a cryptocurrency's popularity?

Even while a project's market cap is still considered the most crucial sign of relevance, the philosophy underlying it is frequently questioned. The reason for this is that a cryptocurrency's market cap more or less reflects its long-term popularity.

Large-cap coins are generally regarded as secure cryptocurrency investments. These are businesses with a market capitalization of over $10 billion. Investing in coins with a high market capitalization is usually a safe bet. These coins will most likely be less volatile than other cryptocurrencies, but they will still be more volatile than traditional assets such as equities.

Mid-cap cryptocurrencies are more volatile than large-cap cryptocurrencies, but they also have a lot more growth potential.

Small-cap cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile and are seen as a high-risk investment, despite the fact that they can offer significant (short-term) growth. Be careful, however, that they may crash at any time, practically from one minute to the next.

We always advise doing comprehensive research before the cryptocurrencies transaction and taking into account all important considerations. For example, market capitalization as a statistic doesn't tell you anything about actual trading volumes in the last few hours. Before purchasing, it's a good idea to check Coinmarketcap for a cryptocurrency's 24-hour trading volume on various exchanges over a respectable amount of time, as well as other important criteria.