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What is a Cloud Mining Contract? Introduction to Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency Methods

What is a Cloud Mining Contract? Introduction to Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency Methods

​What is a Cloud Mining Contract? Since the birth of Bitcoin, it has been inseparable from finance. With the Fed's big release last year, this water inevitably poured into the cryptocurrency field. The bull market seems inevitable. However, despite the fact that the market for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has fluctuated greatly and can be traded 24 hours a day, many newcomers in the currency circle still burst their positions, not only failing to make money, but at a loss. The big problem for many retail investors is that they follow the dealer and seek skin from the tiger, so they are cut off. Delaying gratification and earning the money you can earn is the long-term solution. Just like playing cards, when the chips are gone, you can only get off the table. As long as you have chips, you have a chance to come back to begin with cloud mining contract. What is a Cloud Mining Contract?

The continuous accumulation of blockchain and transaction knowledge is a bargaining chip that will never be lost. This is an introduction of some related cloud mining contract and trading knowledge.

What is a Cloud Mining Contract - Introduction to Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency Methods

If the mining machine is the first money printing machine in the blockchain world, then the exchange is the second money printing machine in the blockchain world. Unlike the big miners who make a fortune in the depths of the mountain, major exchanges and digital currency trading platforms use the currency listing fees of each digital currency, all users’ transaction commissions, withdrawal fees and other income, plus transactions The self-published digital currency prices have been rising steadily, making the exchange a "nuclear money printing machine."

From digital to money, the digital currency trading platform is the only way for tokens to become coins, and is a centralized place for blockchain to achieve the goal of decentralization. All-weather 7×24 hours of uninterrupted trading, no trading limits of daily or down limit, and an external environment full of random news events make the rise and fall of digital currencies full of irritation and chance.

Security is the primary requirement of users for digital currency trading platforms. In the history of the development of digital currency trading platforms, there are also cloud mining services provider such as OXBTC.

In addition to security, the speed of deposit and withdrawal, user experience and customer service response speed of cryptocurrency trading platforms have also become an important reference for users to evaluate the quality of exchanges.

What is a Cloud Mining Contract - Over-the-counter transactions

Over-the-Counter Market (OTC) refers to buying and selling digital currencies outside of the digital currency trading platform.

Unlike on-exchange transactions conducted on exchanges, OTC has no prescribed membership, no strict controllable rules and regulations, no prescribed trading products and restrictions, mainly one-to-one transactions negotiated by both parties. On some platforms also known as C2C transaction.

The over-the-counter transaction of Bitcoin means that buyers use the over-the-counter platform to transfer legal currency to the seller’s account and confirm the payment on the platform. Then the platform locks the seller’s Bitcoin. What is a Cloud Mining Contract? Transfer the bitcoins purchased by the buyer to the buyer's platform account. There is also an over-the-counter transaction that uses network instant messaging software to find trading partners and conduct peer-to-peer transactions.

Over-the-counter transactions are very flexible, and you can buy digital currencies without real-name authentication. At the same time, privacy protection is strong, and transaction information will not remain in the transaction platform.

The amount of over-the-counter transactions can be very large, but peer-to-peer transactions can lock the price in advance and make a one-time transaction, thereby reducing purchase costs and reducing or eliminating transaction fees. At present, some digital currency trading platforms also have special channels for large-value transactions. In over-the-counter transactions, especially offline transactions, the main risk is that the security of transactions is lower than that of exchange transactions.

What is a Cloud Mining Contract? Currency Transaction

At present, BTC, ETH, USDT are the basic circulating currencies in the cryptocurrency market. Currency trading refers to the trading method of using BTC, ETH, USDT and other basic circulating digital currencies to exchange into other digital currencies at market prices.

For example, exchange BTC for USDT or exchange ETH for USDT, etc. This is a currency exchange transaction, similar to the exchange of goods.

Almost all digital currency trading platforms support currency trading. Currency transactions can directly realize the exchange between digital assets, which is convenient and fast, and greatly saves economic costs and time costs.

The currency trading platform can conveniently switch various digital currencies, which is convenient for users to quickly invest and arbitrage. At present, the transaction volume of global currency transactions has already exceeded the transaction volume of digital assets and legal tender.

What is a Cloud Mining Contract? - Leveraged Trading

Leveraged trading refers to a mode in which one's own digital assets are mortgaged to a digital currency trading platform as a margin, and the number of assets that are several times the amount of self-held assets is borrowed from the digital currency trading platform for trading investment.

Leveraged trading is commonly used in very short-term transactions, because leveraged trading not only has to bear the risk of multiple losses, but also pay a certain fee to the trading platform. In mature trading markets, leveraged trading is also used for hedging trading and high-frequency trading. What is a Cloud Mining Contract? On the cryptocurrency trading platform, the use of leverage trading is extremely risky, because the profit and loss will be magnified several times, it is recommended that novices who have just joined the currency circle handle it with caution.