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What is Cloud Mining and What Does Cloud Computing Power Mean?

What is Cloud Mining and What Does Cloud Computing Power Mean?

​As says going, all roads lead to Rome, there are many ways to get cryptocurrency, too. Yet many people are still wondering that what is mining machine hosting, what is cloud mining, and what is cloud computing power. Let’s distinguish them here.

It is estimated that the students who have been in contact with the mining machine understand that it is easy to buy a mining machine, but it is difficult to raise a mining machine. The first problem is the noise. As professional equipment with high computing power, its noise is too loud anyway, so even if I buy a mining machine, people don't have a proper place to place it. And the loss of the mining machine without a proper placement environment is also heartbreaking. After all, the life of the mining machine determines the income. A good dustproof environment can increase the life of the mining machine a lot, but it is a pity that most people can't do it.


Therefore, general retail miners will choose cloud mining services.

**What is cloud mining?**At this time, the owner of the mining machine must pay the corresponding electricity and maintenance fees to the mine. But when it comes to electricity bills, the mine is a major electricity consumer, so its electricity price will be relatively lower. For example, the electricity price of a general mine is around 0.4 yuan at one time, while our daily electricity consumption is generally around 0.6 yuan. Although the unit price difference is not big, with the power consumption of the mining machine, this gap can still be saved6. Simply put, you buy a mining machine, but due to various reasons, it will be more cost-effective to entrust the mining machine to the mine for centralized maintenance. This is the mining machine hosting.

So let's talk about the difference between the three of them.

What is cloud mining? It means that you don't have a mining machine but you can still conduct your mining business through the network. How can this be done? To put it simply and frankly, the concept is similar to that you spend money on renting a mining machine. Although you have not bought the mining machine, you can use the computing power of this mining machine in a certain period of time. You make a small amount of money by mining, just like our usual concept of renting a house. The house is not yours but we can rent it for a period of time.

Therefore, thedifference between the concept of mining machine hosting and cloud mining machine lies in the ownership of the mining machine. You have already bought the managed mining machine, it is yours, and you just put it in the mine to entrust maintenance and management; for the cloud mining machine, the mining machine is not yours, you just rent it for a certain period of time It's just computing power.

**What is cloud mining?**The concept of cloud mining is actually similar to that of cloud mining machines. If the cloud mining machine rents mining machines, in fact, the computing power in the mining machine is still used, so the cloud computing power rented directly is the computing power. Speaking of it, the cloud model is adopted, which is invisible and intangible, but the statement is different.

What is cloud mining? But when it comes to cloud mining machines and cloud computing power, the tricky is there are three points. Of course, there may also be places that the writer has not found, and you are welcome to add them. So first of all, your cloud mining machine, maybe reallyfloating clouds, there is no so-called physical machine at all, and the merchant sells you just virtual computing power, but it is under the guise of a mining machine. In addition, the computing power that the merchant may give you is not in place. Then the last point is to use the so-called computing power to combine with air coins to cooperate with the operation of the fund tray.


What is cloud mining? In fact, although it will beeasierto start with cloud mining machines and cloud computing power, the relative risks will be higher. After all, the mining machine does not belong to you, and you cannot be sure whether the computing power you buy really depends on the physical mining machine, or whether you will do something about the computing power.

**What is cloud mining?**In the current situation where the market is not well-regulated and perfect, the purchase of cloud mining machines or cloud computing power often needs to be based on character. It is best to consider the reputation and reputation of the business.