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Top Solana NFT Marketplaces 2022

Top Solana NFT Marketplaces 2022

NFT market in Solana Marketplace! Is that anything you're interested in? If this is the case, you must pay attention to the trend and waiting for a marketplace to be established before making a decision. Finally, allow me to elaborate! In its infancy, Solana is an innovative blockchain network. It's been a year since the network was launched, yet you're still thrilled about it. It is possible to set up an NFT marketplace on Solana Blockchain. For artists that are prepared to embrace a shift in the ownership and distribution of work on the Solana platform, NFT sales have skyrocketed over the past year.

You can purchase and sell digital commodities on an NFT marketplace, including everything from art to music to entire virtual worlds. You might equate these online NFT markets to Amazon.com for the digital world.

There are, however, dozens of NFT marketplaces, many of which serve a specific industry or niche. What characteristics would you look for in an NFT marketplace before choosing one, and which NFT marketplace is the best? The following are a few of the top Solana NFT marketplaces to keep an eye out for:


Solanart is a popular Solana NFT Marketplace where anybody can make, sell, and buy Solana-based NFTs. Solanart charges a transaction fee of 3% for each successful NFT sale. The inventor, on the other hand, is free to set their own gas fees. There are several popular NFT collections by Solanart, including Degenerate Ape Academy and Galactic Gecko Space Garage.


The first Solana NFT marketplace, Solsea, assists creators in the minting and buying of NFTs. Solsea also launched NFTs with rarity ranks and NFT interoperability with SPL tokens. You'll never miss a project's upcoming drops using Solsea's calendar function. Base markets, All.ART Circle, and Meta Waifus are among the NFTs available from Solsea. The "First 100" by Solsea is the first Virtual NFT Art Fair of its kind, highlighting the pioneers and early adopters.

Magic Eden

The most popular Solana NFT marketplace is Magic Eden, where you may produce, buy, and sell NFTs. Their transaction cost is 2 percent, however they do not charge for listings. For their part, artists are able to set their own royalties and get paid immediately when their works are sold through the platform. This time around, Magic Eden only accepts a small number of projects, but it supports nearly all Solana wallets.


User auctions, rarity screening and more are just a few of the Solport features that are included into the Solana blockchain-based NFT market. Solport doesn't charge for listing or refunds. However, sellers must pay a 2% fee to Solport. In addition, prominent Solana projects like Realm Kings and Mutant Monkey Business are listed on Solport. Phantom and Solflare are the two most popular e-wallet options on the Solport Marketplace platform.


This open NFT marketplace allows anyone to create, sell and purchase Solana's NFT. There are a number of DigitalEyes' top NFT collections, such as Aurory and Degenerate Ape Academy, as well as Frakt and Galactic Gecko Space Garage. In addition, the Mint Calendar can show you upcoming NFT drops and launches. DigitalEyes, on the other hand, charges a 2.50 percent service fee for each successful sale of NFT. Additionally, Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, Solong, Slope, and MathWallet wallets supported by DigitalEyes.


In terms of Solana NFT marketplaces, Metaplex is one of the greatest. Rather than selling your NFT on the open market, where it will face competition from other NFT ventures. Your project will be exhibited in accordance with the marketplace's criteria and standards, which may be a significant disadvantage to your business. Metaplex, on the other hand, allows you to construct your own own Storefronts. Megaplex has a decentralized on-chain application that sells and mints your NFTs. For each successful NFT transaction, you may be able to remove marketplace expenses.