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​Ethereum hits new record, Is it time to cloud mining for Ethereum?

​Ethereum hits new record, Is it time to cloud mining for Ethereum?

​Cloud mining for Ethereum! Cloud mining is a quantitative indicator of the computing speed of a mining machine, and it is also a word most often heard by practitioners in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Since cryptocurrencies are mostly constructed by blockchains, and blockchains have to rely on hash functions as a guarantee for the correctness of data, the use of proof of work on cryptocurrencies is a very concise design.

Now there are specialized mining machines on the market for mining mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well as graphics card mining. Supported cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and ZCash. In the field of cloud computing power, Usually, the mining pool has its mining machine and professional management team responsible for the operation and maintenance of professional mining farms. Consumers only need to pay the "package" fee to wait for the income, without considering additional things such as electricity bills and maintenance.

At present, mainstream coin mining requires mining machines, and the threshold is also very high. For example, the price of graphics card mining machines for mining Ethereum has soared, and there is now a phenomenon that a machine is hard to find in the market. In contrast, cloud mining for Ethereum has helped us solve this series of problems. The investment threshold is relatively low. There is no need to purchase mining machines by yourself. Miners can mine by purchasing mining machines and cloud mining services, which can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

With the popularity of liquidity mining and the imminent landing of ETH2.0, it is now also in the dividend period of cloud mining for Ethereum, with very high returns, and it will pay back soon. Many miners choose cloud mining for Ethereum during this turbulent period. You can download an app and purchase an Ethereum hashrate contract in the app to mine! The cloud mining for Ethereum comes to the APP on time every day.

Compared with medium and large miners, whether they are hosting mining machines in mines or self-built mines, there are professional operation and maintenance personnel who are on duty for 24 hours to maintain the machines without shutting down. However, for small miners with dozens of mining machines, it is not easy to find testable minerals like medium and large miners. Moreover, generally staying in the mine to maintain the mining machines by themselves requires not only renting a house, eating, etc. Problems also affect their own work.

The cloud computing platform can solve these problems by cooperating with formal and professional mining farms. Users do not need to invest any management and maintenance efforts, and only need to pay a small management fee. After a miner purchase a certain amount of computing power contract, the cryptocurrency mined in the contract will belong to the miner, and the operation of cloud mining for Ethereum is very simple, and it can be mined remotely.