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This 9 And 14-year-old Sibling DUO Make $32,000 Every Month with Ethereum

This 9 And 14-year-old Sibling DUO Make $32,000 Every Month with Ethereum

A report from Dallas News recently mentioned this nine and 14-year-old sibling duo bringing in thousands of dollars just by mining Ethereum, the most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. At this age, when most of the kids are busy playing computer games, Ishaan and Aanya Thakur, who are siblings, have found a way to make lots of money by putting their computers to great use. The brother and sister duo are currently completing a staggering $32,000 from their Ethereum mining operation, which they had set up in their garage.

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The siblings began to investigate cryptocurrencies after their father had sparked off an interest in them regarding Bitcoin. At that time, the brother and sister duo decided to purchase the cryptocurrency, but since the price of Bitcoin had gone up a lot by then, they decided to opt for the mining of the crypto. However, while doing so, they found out that the market for mining Bitcoins was already oversaturated. They then decided that they should opt for Ethereum, which is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The sibling duo began their crypto mining journey with an old gaming laptop which they were in first of their minor operation, and they had successfully earned an estimated $1000 from it. This initial burst of profit motivated the pair of kids to take this to a whole new level. They were inspired by the amount of profit they had made just by using an old gaming laptop. However, to mine crypto, one must need to have chips that need to be drilled, and this is exactly where the kids had to come face to face with an initial challenge.

**Covid-19 Pandemic and shortage of chips**

The siblings Ishaan and Aanya were looking for ways to expand their mining operations further, but unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a shortage in the availability of chips. Since most of the countries started going under lockdowns and people globally started adopting the working from a home model of work, manufacturers could not maintain a stable flow of products. As a result, it became quite a problem to get a chip for mining. The kids had only two directions to head go for. They could either purchase chips from the resellers from the internet at a mixed market price, or they could simply wait for the chips to be available in the market once again. However, they decided to stay.

Aanya and Ishaan, who are just 9 and 14 years old, had signed up for updates regarding the supply of chips from retailers such as Micro Center and Best Buy. They would receive mail regarding the hardware and the chip for their mining purposes, wherever they were available. The kids were so dedicated that they would line up outside the retailers place the following day even before they opened the store, just to make sure that they can receive all the parts necessary.

The strategy seems to have paid off for the siblings as they have expanded their mining operations beyond their garage at home. The rigs they had set up were generating a lot of heat to confine their activities in that garage. As a result, they have now moved out to an air-conditioned data center located in downtown Dallas. It is where the sibling duo keeps most of their mining rigs. Even then, they still maintain about 30 cards in their home garage.

**More about Cryptocurrency Mining…**

As there are many ways to sell mining machines/computing power on the market: there are those who sell complete machines and those who sell computing power; there are family mining machines, professional mining machines, and mining pool clusters; some people say that you can mine at home, some people say that you must dig in a professional mine...

The miner is a professional storage server, which is mainly composed of chassis, motherboard, power supply, fan, processor (CPU), memory (RAM), graphics card (GPU), hard disk, and other components. In addition to some auxiliary components, everyone cares most about the core components such as CPU, GPU, memory, and hard disk.

The mine we are talking about is a collection of physical spaces where tens, hundreds, or even thousands of mining machines (servers) are centrally operated and managed. Due to its unique mortgage and penalty mechanism, mining requires a high level of the mining environment. In principle, network outages are not allowed. Otherwise, a penalty mechanism may be triggered, and the tokens you pledged will be fined, and the miners will lose more than the gains.

A mining farm is a collection of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of mining machines (servers) in a physical space for centralized operation and maintenance management. In contrast, a g pool is a collection of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of mining machines (servers). The computing power is the virtual space collection of the system cluster.

Since mining has high requirements for mining sites (mines) and operation and maintenance capabilities, it is difficult for individual miners to conduct home mining. In addition, the mining competition in the early stage is also the computing power, and the computing power of individual miners is difficult to compete with professional miners. Moreover, the price of the whole machine is relatively high, and not all investors can afford it, so cloud computing power has become the first choice of general retail investors.

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