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The mistakes you need to avoid while purchasing Filecoin cloud mining services

The mistakes you need to avoid while purchasing Filecoin cloud mining services

With the rising popularity of FIL mining, it has attracted more and more miner friends and investors from outside the circle. For individuals, the price of FIL mining machines is too high and the risks are not easy to control. At this time, a more convenient and cost-effective way of participation has entered everyone's field of vision-buying cloud mining services.

What are the advantages of cloud mining Filecoin?
Purchasing cloud mining services not only lowers the technical and cognitive thresholds for investors but also reduces certain risks of participating in FIL mining.
This cloud mining method can make the platform and investors a win-win situation. Through the deployment of large-scale professional mines, the cost can be minimized. At the same time, investors have also obtained more professional and reliable operation and maintenance services, which will maximize the mining revenue.
Does the cloud computing power ranking represent the true strength of major manufacturers?
The test network was online, and the teams competed in groups, which was very lively. FIL mining and investors also paid close attention to the test rankings. The ranking is actually related to the number of machines invested by each company. It can only represent that the manufacturer has the ability to mine because the scale of investment is different, the test results are also different. This data alone cannot be used as the only basis for investors to measure the strength of manufacturers. For example, with one hundred mining machines. The pros and cons are actually impossible to judge.
Moreover, there are many reasons for the high ranking list, such as the use of a large number of node mining machines, the low block generation rate but effective storage, and the situation of manufacturers running nodes in groups, and so on. Therefore, the test network ranking can only be used as a reference factor for investors.

What does packaging speed mean?
The storage capacity of the major mining machine manufacturers will not be much different, the most important difference is the calculation. The important indicator here is how many files can be packaged per hour for every 10,000 yuan of investment. The unit is G/hour/10,000 yuan (that is, the packaging speed).
What really determines the profit of a mining machine is the ratio of the effective cloud mining services of the FIL mining machine to the effective computing power of the entire network, and the packaging speed determines the percentage of the effective cloud mining services of the mining machine in the entire network.
Suppose you buy a mining machine with a hard disk size of 100T, how do you calculate your daily income? It depends on how large your effective storage (computing power) is. On the first day of the main net launch, your effective storage will accumulate from zero:
Effective daily storage = packaging speed (GB/h)*24h
Theoretical daily income of mining = accumulated effective storage / effective storage of the entire network * (daily coin production-mortgage amount) * coin price
Of course, this is only a theoretical benefit, and the actual benefit is not only affected by the packaging speed but also factors such as the stability of operation and maintenance and the rate of block explosions in the mining pool, which cannot be ignored either.
Seizing investment opportunities is what everyone wants to achieve, but more importantly, avoiding "pits" to save lives. If you want to buy cloud mining services, in addition to combining the effective cloud mining services growth cost, block generation rate, service duration, and algorithm technology of the FIL mining machine, you must also focus on the packaging speed of the machine to avoid stepping on the pit.