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The Source and the various Mechanisms of the Cloud Mining Pool

The Source and the various Mechanisms of the Cloud Mining Pool

​As a pool of miners, many people understand that a cloud mining pool can combine a small amount of computing power, but they don't understand the source and operating principle of the cloud mining pool.

The source and operating principle of the cloud mining pool
With the increase in the computing power of the entire network of various currencies, small and medium-sized miners can no longer obtain income from mining. At this time, it is necessary to combine cloud mining pools to improve their ability to obtain income. To put it simply, a cloud mining pool is an "alliance" that can allocate computing tasks and reward miners and cloud mining pools.
The cloud mining pool divides the block difficulty into many tasks with lower difficulty and sends them to the miners for calculation. After completing this "task", the miners submit it to the cloud mining pool to form a "share", and the cloud mining pool also uses this method to Evaluate and count users' computing power and perform calculations. And mining is the computer keeps hashing calculations until it finds the target value that meets the conditions.
When miners and mining farms choose cooperative cloud mining pools, in addition to checking the hashrate and average revenue of the cloud mining pool, they will also test the stability and compatibility of the cloud mining pool.

How to enter a cloud mining pool
The cloud mining pool is open to any miners and mining farms because anonymous mining does not require registration to mine. However, if some cloud mining pools have similar membership mechanisms or related member rewards, it is also recommended to register an account in the cloud mining pool and stay resident. The mining farm can choose to join the cloud mining pool directly, or find the managers behind the cloud mining pool to negotiate and cooperate, and perhaps they can also get a big discount.

The reward distribution mechanism of the cloud mining pool
When the cloud mining pool bursts out, the block reward will be paid to the fixed wallet address of the cloud mining pool. At this time, the reward belongs to the cloud mining pool and not the miner. In the cloud mining pool, the cloud mining pool will be based on different currencies. The relevant revenue model distributes the revenue among the users. When this income reaches the payment limit, the cloud mining pool will pay the user's balance to the corresponding wallet address. At this time, the currency is truly attributable to the user.

Mining nodes and mining protocols of the cloud mining pool
For mainstream cloud mining pools, the stratum mining protocol is used more to ensure the transmission of information such as task issuance and share submission between the cloud mining pool and the mining machine, so that the cloud mining pool and miners can reduce the amount of information transmission and efficiently Cooperate to complete the entire mining process.
In addition, mining addresses are also divided into two modes. One is that servers in different regions provide different connection addresses and users need to manually select the server addresses they connect to. The other is a general address, which is convenient for miners to resolve directly and automatically. Go to the best mining server. Therefore, multiple nodes in the cloud mining pool help users maintain the stability of computing power and indirectly affect the stability of the income of miners and mines.