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Secure your OXBTC Account in 5 Steps

Secure your OXBTC Account in 5 Steps


It is essential to keep your account safe once start mining. To secure your account effectively, you need not only to prevent your private information disclosing but also to complete your own authentication.

In this article, we describe a few simple steps that you can take to secure your account, along with general good habits that you should keep in mind.

So what are the steps you can take to increase the security of your OXBTC account?


1. Using a strong password and keeping it safe

A strong password is the first guard to protect your account. It generally consists of 6-17 characters with numbers. For account safety, never dispose your password to anyone, keep it safe!

Please note that once you change the password of your OXBTC account, you won’t be able to withdraw funds within 24 hours. This is to prevent potential attackers from locking you out of your account while withdrawing your funds.

2. Keep binding phone number or email address safe

Besides, SMS verification and Email verification are also required to secure your account. Make sure you have a valid phone number or a valid email address to receive messages before trading and transferring.

Once you lose the phone or email address invalid, you can send an email to support@oxbtc.com or contact OXBTC customer service team to change.

3. Enable Google Authentication

What is Google Authentication?

Google authentication is also called "Two-factor Authentication(2FA)". Most accounts login with one password. Once someone gets your password, your account may be stolen. On the basis of setting your own login password, more secure systems with an independent key required to keep your login safe are called ‘two-factor’ systems. Therefore, google authentication can be viewed as the second security door to secure our account.


The Necessity of setting up Google Authenticator

Most crypto wallets and crypto accounts are required to set up google authentication to secure asset safety. There are plenty of methods to steal your private account information, even modify your password authentication, setting one more authentication to keep your account safe is definitely essential.

Now you may curious about how to complete the google authentication in OXBTC.

Firstly, download the Google Authenticator from Google play or App store and install it on your mobile phone.


Secondly, bind your account with the authenticator through scanning the QR code or copying the key(please back-up and save the key in case you lost the authenticator).

Once you completed the google authentication, you may check the button is on in your account.


Next time when you login or modify asset password, you may need to enter the 6 digits from binding google authenticator.

You can turn it off or reset the authentication in case you lost the authenticator.

If you need to reset the authentication, you can send an email to support@oxbtc.com or contact customer service team for help.

For more directions, learn about corresponding FAQs.

4. Set an Asset Password and keeping securely

The Necessity of Asset Password

Apart from google authentication, one more security authentication in OXBTC is asset password.

If you have a bank account, you may hold a bank book or debit card. Whenever you need to withdraw your money from the bank, you need to enter the password to confirm the transaction. That is how an asset password works with your OXBTC account. The asset password is the second safeguard of your funds in OXBTC.


And how about setting it? Login your account and set it up with 6-17 characters. You may modify or reset it in case you forgot it.

For more directions, learn about corresponding FAQs.

5. Verify your account with KYC

If you’ve opened an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, it’s likely you’ll have had to complete a KYC check. KYC requires financial service providers to collect information verifying their customers’ identities. This could be through official identification or bank statements, for example. Like AML regulations, KYC policies help combat money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud, and the illicit transfer of funds.

4 Steps to verify your KYC in OXBTC

First, log in your account and find "Identification". If you have not verified, you can see the red sign of unverified.

Select and confirm the country or region you live in.


Secondly, fill in your information, including your full name and your identity info.

For certificate info, you can select the certificates of your ID, passport or other valid certificates which can prove your identity verification.


Thirdly, upload the photo of your certificate submitted at step 2. It requires that you need to upload both sides of your ID card.

If you submit a passport or other valid certificates, you need to upload a photo with a clear ID number.


Last but not least, it requires your facial recognition. Ensure your surroundings are bright enough to make your cognition clear. If you wear a hat or a pair of sunglasses, please take them off and present your face.


After facial recognition, you will be requested for one more verification. You need to enter the received SMS code or email code from your binding phone number or email address.

If you are curious more about KYC verification, check out 4 steps to verify KYC in OXBTC.

Closing thoughts

Taking secure your account into consideration is such a wise step to protect your private information and funds. Through several simple but effective steps, you may build up the security wall to prevent scamming and hacking. There is no authentication can be useful forever, you also need to strengthen your login password and not to disclose your private information to strangers.

If you wanna more about cryptocurrency world, OXBTC Academy will guide you and also FAQs will bring answers.