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Pioneering NFT Collectibles in Sports

Pioneering NFT Collectibles in Sports

There are a number of non-fungible token investments that have outperformed cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over the last few months. Celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Jay-Z, and Justin Bieber have purchased NFTs and shared their purchases on Twitter, boosting the demand for limited-edition tokenized art.

NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club were hailed as the best investment of the year in the spring of 2021. This particular Bored Ape sold out in less than a day at $200 each, making it one of the most expensive on the market. Just for owning Apes, Ape holders were given a $250,000+ bonus in ApeCoins, as well as the airdrop of Mutant Apes and ApeCoins. This is an excellent example of how profitable NFT investments can be when done correctly. Find out more about the NFT craze and how you can begin investing in it right now.

The Best NFT Projects

Before investing in non-fungible tokens, make sure you do your homework. Because the worth of these projects might be difficult to estimate, you may have difficulty selling your collectibles in the future. The mere fact that something is a non-functional toy does not automatically make it valuable; a collectible must serve a purpose. Events, discord groups or art with established clout in the NFT ecosystem are all possibilities. Numerous NFT projects will fall short of their initial goals, leaving backers with a useless JPEG as a result.

NBA Top Shot

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Dapper Labs collaborated to create NBA Top Shot. Top Shot is a blockchain-based platform that lets NBA video highlights NFTs be bought, sold, and traded by sports enthusiasts. Because it is aimed at sports enthusiasts and collectors who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, the project's digital marketplace has been created to be simple and straightforward for them to use. There are numerous advantages to using the platform's underlying blockchain technology, which offers a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities for NBA Top Shot participants.

More than 800,000 people had signed up for Top Shot accounts as of March 2021, resulting in sales of more than $500 million. A Moment of LeBron James dunking on Sacramento Kings' Nemanja Bjelica sold for $208,000 in February 2021, proving that NBA Top Shot's popularity has been indisputable in 2021.

A few people have questioned the rationale for paying so much money for a video clip that can be viewed on the internet for free. Humans have a tendency to amass things, which could be one explanation. It's been a long-standing tradition for sports fans to pay a premium for club and player-specific memorabilia that has little to no real-world value.

Moments are being reimagined and repurposed in a variety of ways by NBA Top Shot. An immersive gaming experience named "Hardcourt" by Dapper Labs will allow users to establish their own NBA Moments basketball teams and develop the attributes of their players using the moments they have accumulated. A virtual basketball court and online tournaments would be possible with the help of Hardcourt, which would allow gamers to control their players and compete for rare Moments.


Blockchain-based game CryptoKitties was launched by Axiom Zen in 2017 and is an early and widely publicized example of non-fungible token (NFT) technology in action. CryptoKitties is a card-based trading game similar to Magic: The Gathering or baseball cards that was created to teach new users to blockchain technology. A set of "genes" that determine the CryptoKitty's appearance can be passed on to offspring by "breeding" CryptoKitties with one another.

During its zenith in 2017, CryptoKitties drew in over 14,000 daily users and propelled Ethereum technology to its first place in gaming. Ethereum gaming has become one of the most intriguing fields in blockchain due to platforms like Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, Rarible, and NBA Top Shot, all of which use smart contracts and provably rare digital assets in the form of NFTs. These days you may use CryptoKitties wherever Ethereum-based games are available, including Decentraland, KotoWars and Heaven.cat. Only a computer running Chrome or Firefox, a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask or Dapper, and ether (ETH) to pay fees and trades are required to play with CryptoKitties.


Larva Labs, the same firm behind CryptoPunks, launched Meebits. Meebits had a launch price of about 2.4 ETH. Meebits can sell for anywhere from 5 ETH to 100 ETH or more, depending on their scarcity. Meebits are 3-dimensional characters that can be utilized in open-world blockchain applications intended for use in the metaverse.

The standard ERC-721 NFT contract governs ownership and can be used with any service or exchange that supports it. In addition to the regular buy, bid, and ask transactions, the contract includes a bespoke marketplace that allows for like-kind trade of up to 100 Meebits per transaction.


MandoPop King Jay Chou's Fashion Brand PHANTACi and EzekClub (https://ezek.io) have teamed up to launch Phanta Bear. There are only 10,000 Phanta Bears in existence, and they're all stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Phanta Bear is a one-of-a-kind creation, produced at random. It's possible to meet and play with celebrities, attend virtual concerts, and participate in virtual games in the metaverse if you own a Phanta Bear avatar. The benefits of membership improve over time.

Sotheby's auctioned Jay Chou's inaugural NFT collection back in 2021, and it sold out. Phanata Bears was created with the help of his fashion business Phatanci and the blockchain entertainment platform Ezek.

Each Phanta Bear has its own set of characteristics that grant its owner varying degrees of access and benefits. You can use your bear as a Fantasy Membership card, as most NFTs do, to gain access to members-only features and bonuses. The Ezek Metaverse entertainment universe of progress is accessible to Fantasy card members through one of these perks.


There are 8,000 distinct "bags" of RPG-style adventuring equipment in Loot, which is an NFT (non-fungible token). Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of Vine, spearheaded the project. Loot bags each include eight items of adventurer gear, including a chest piece, gloves and shoes; a gloved hand; a shoed hand; an earring; and a weapon. Minting these NFTs was free to users who simply had to pay the transaction fees (gas fees). Bags 1 through 7,777 were available to the public, whereas bags 7,778 and up were only available to the project's founders.

It appears to be a typical NFT project at this point. Loot, on the one hand, is unique in that each Loot bag has no official use. In most cases, NFTs are developed with a specific game or application in mind. Loot, on the other hand, allows the community determine how to use NFTs in their platforms and products.


The Azuki NFT collection consists of 10,000 distinct anime avatars that grant entry to The Garden, "a corner of the internet where art, community, and culture merge to create beauty."

Chiru Labs, a Los Angeles-based firm headed by four pseudonymous founders (ZAGABOND, 2pm.flow, location tba, and HoshiBoy), unveiled the collection in January. They say they've worked at Google, Facebook, Y Combinator, and DeFi, among other companies.

After pioneers like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki has swiftly become a popular NFT collection.

One of the first anime-themed projects to go mainstream; the team's experience from big tech and DeFi; and novel initiatives on the project's roadmap, such as exclusive physical good drops in perpetuity and DAO exploration with its own BEAN token, have all contributed to Azuki's rise in popularity, according to NFT analyst Thomas Bialek of The Block Research.

According to The Block Research, sales of Azuki NFTs on OpenSea have topped $500 million to date. From $353,000 to $1.4 million, the company's top ten largest sales are all within this range.


STEPN is a Social-Fi and Game-Fi lifestyle app for the Web 3. It is possible to level up and mint new Sneakers using GST earned by wearing NFT Sneakers while walking, jogging, or running outside.

On the in-app Marketplace, players have the option of renting or selling their NFT Sneakers, and GST revenues are placed in the in-app Wallet, which includes a Swap feature.

Climate change can be prevented by using STEPN's profits to purchase Carbon Removal Credit on the blockchain.

STEPN has the potential to help millions of people adopt a better lifestyle with a little help from gamification and the move2earn core mechanic.

Moving2earn with STEPN does not necessitate the possession of any NFT assets. As an alternative, they can borrow them for free from other users and divide the profits later. (Expect it in the near future).