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Passive Income Ideas You Can Use to Build in 2022

Passive Income Ideas You Can Use to Build in 2022

Whether you're doing a side hustle or just looking for a little extra cash flow each month, generating passive income can be a great way to supplement your income. There are many ways to generate passive income that can increase your income during good times and provide financial security in the event that you lose your job or take time off for personal reasons.

If you've established up a stable stream of passive income, you can have money flowing in while performing your core job, or you can relax a little. Either way, having a second source of income ensures your financial well-being.

If you're concerned about your ability to save enough money for retirement, creating wealth through passive income may be a good option for you as well.

What is passive income?

Passive income refers to earnings that come from sources other than an employer or contractor. Passive income, according to the IRS, can come in two forms: from rental property or from a business in which one is not actively involved, such as royalties on books or stock dividends.

It is common for people to believe that passive income is all about getting something for nothing," explains financial counselor and retired hedge fund manager Todd Tresidder. A "get-rich-quick" appeal is what makes this game appealing. Even so, it still needs work. You just complete the work in advance."

You can choose to perform all of the upfront work or spread it out over time, but if you want to make money passively, you'll have to put in some extra effort along the way. In order to keep passive income coming, you may need to keep your product or rental property up to date or well-maintained.

It's a good means of earning money and building some extra financial stability for yourself if you're good at the strategy.

Passive income is not:

Your mission. For most people, passive income does not come from something they are actively involved in, such as their salary from their employment.

Part-time job. A second employment will not qualify as a passive source of income because you will still have to show up and complete the task in order to receive compensation. When it comes to passive income, you don't have to put in any effort in order to generate an income stream.

Assets that do not generate a regular source of income. As long as your investments provide dividends or interest, they can be a terrific way to generate passive income. Investing in cryptocurrencies or other non-dividend paying equities or assets may be fascinating, but it won't provide you with any passive income.

10 ways to build wealth with passive income

These 18 ways might help you get started with passive income streams by teaching you what it takes to succeed, as well as the risks associated with each plan.

1.Create a course

Creating an audio or video course, then sitting back and waiting for the money to pour in, is a common passive income technique. Sites like Udemy, SkillShare, and Coursera make it easy to sell and distribute online courses.

The "freemium model" may be an option for you if you want to establish a following before charging for additional material or for people who want to learn more. This methodology can be used by, for example, language teachers and stock-picking advisors. People who are interested in learning more about you may be enticed by the free material you provide.

The opportunity to earn money from a course is great because it just requires a small investment of time on your part.

Tresidder says, "creating the product takes a significant amount of effort." To make money from it, it has to be excellent. Outside, "there's no room for trash.'"

Tresidder advises that if you want to be successful, you need to have a solid foundation, advertise your items, and make plans for future products.

"Unless you are incredibly lucky," Tresidder asserts, "one thing is not a business." An good product is the finest approach to increase sales of an existing one.

After learning the business concept, you can expect to make some money, according to him.

2.Write an e-book

An e-book is an excellent way to take advantage of reduced publishing costs and even Amazon's worldwide distribution to get your work in front of possibly millions of potential readers. Because they rely on your own knowledge and expertise, e-books may be created quickly and inexpensively.

Expertise in one subject is required, although the subject may be niche and need a unique set of skills or abilities that only a select few can provide, but which many readers demand. Designing the book online is a quick and easy process, and you can even run tests on alternative titles and price ranges.

However, just like with creating a course, the real value comes from expanding your offering to include more e-books and so attracting more clients.

Using an e-book to promote your other services, such as audio or video courses, other e-books, a website, or perhaps higher-value seminars, is a great approach to expand your audience.

E-books are risky because they require a lot of effort to establish a fan base, and that effort is aided by a marketing strategy, such as a solid website, a presence in the media, or podcasts. As a result, you may put in a lot of time and effort up front just to get little in return, especially in the beginning.

A book is fantastic, but you'll get more traction if you write more and then create a business around it, or if you use the book to bolster other aspects of your enterprise. So your biggest danger is that you'll spend a lot of time but get nothing in return.

3.Create a blog or YouTube channel

Do you know a lot about Thailand travel? You're an expert in the world of Minecraft, right? In the swing dancing world, what do you call the Sultan of Swing? Create a blog or YouTube channel based on your interests and use advertising or sponsors to make money. Become an authority on a popular topic, even if it's a small niche. In the beginning, you'll need to build an audience and develop a portfolio of content. However, as you become known for your content, you'll be able to generate a steady income.

Using a free (or low-cost) platform, you can build a following by utilizing your great content. The more distinctive your voice or area of expertise, the more likely you are to become the person to follow, then attracts more sponsor.

You'll have to start with a foundation of content and then keep adding to it over time. You'll also want to be genuinely enthusiastic about the product, as this will keep you inspired to keep going, especially in the early stages when people are just discovering you.

The big negative here is that you may invest a bunch of your time and resources, with little to show for it, if there’s low interest in your subject or specialty. You won't know for sure if your expertise is too specialized to attract a receptive audience until you put your ideas to the test.

4.Invest in a high-yield CD or savings account

It is possible to earn passive incomeand one of the highest interest rates in the country by investing in a high-yield savings account or certificate of deposit (CD) at an online bank. You'll be able to earn money without ever having to leave your house.

The best CD rates and savings accounts can be found with a quick search of national top CD rates and top savings accounts. You'll get the best interest rate possible if you utilize an internet bank rather than your local one. Online banks often provide better rates than your local ones. If your financial institution is backed by the FDIC, you'll still get a guaranteed return of principle of up to $250,000, regardless of what happens.

If your bank is FDIC-insured and within FDIC restrictions, your money is safe. So a CD or savings account is the safest investment you can make. Even while these accounts are secure, they are yielding lower returns than in the past. Inflation, which reached the mid-single digits last year, has a significant impact on the purchase power of your money. Even so, saving money in a certificate of deposit (CD) or savings account is preferable to holding it in cash or a non-interest-bearing checking account, where you would earn nothing.


For those unfamiliar with REITs, these are companies that hold and manage real estate under the guise of a "real estate investment trust" REITs are structured in such a way that if they distribute the majority of their profits to shareholders, they will pay little or no corporate income tax at all.

On the stock market, REITs can be purchased in the same way as any other corporation or dividend-paying stock. When investing in real estate investment trust, you can count on receiving the REIT's annual dividend as well as future dividend increases.

Individual REITs, like dividend stock, might be more risky than a REIT ETF that holds dozens of REITs in a single portfolio. It's safer to invest in a mutual fund than in individual equities, and you'll still get a decent return.

As with dividend stocks, you'll need to be able to identify reputable REITs, which means you'll have to thoroughly research each company you're considering purchasing. There is a lot of room for error in this type of activity, even if it's an easy way to make money. In the short term, the price can fluctuate greatly.

There is no guarantee that REIT dividends will be safe in the event of an economic downturn. Due to lack of income, the REIT may have to reduce or remove its dividend. In other words, your passive income may suffer just when you need it the most.

6.Peer-to-peer lending

An intermediary like Prosper or LendingClub acts as a middleman to mediate a loan between you and a borrower. Funding Circle, which focuses on enterprises and has bigger borrowing limits, and Payoff, which focuses on better credit risks, are two more options for lenders.

As a lender, you can earn money from the interest you charge on the loans you've made. In the event of a default, you could lose everything because the loan is unsecured.

There are two ways to reduce that risk:

Investing lesser amounts over a greater number of loans will help you to broaden your lending horizons and reduce your risk.

Analyze previous data about the potential borrowers in order to make educated decisions.

When it comes to peer-to-peer lending, there is a degree of risk involved, as it takes some time to grasp the parameters of P2P lending. The more loans you've invested in and the more payments you've received, the more important it is to keep track of them. If you want to grow your income, you must reinvest all of the interest you earn.

Recessions can also increase the default risk of high-yielding personal loans, thus these loans may default at a higher rate than usual if the economy worsens.

7.Affiliate marketing

To advertise a third-party product through affiliate marketing, website owners, social media "influencers," and bloggers link to the product on their own websites or social media accounts. Amazon, eBay, Awin, and ShareASale are just a few of the more well-known affiliate partners. For individuals who want to build a following and market their business, Instagram and TikTok have become significant platforms.

You may also want to think about building an email list in order to drive visitors to your blog or other products or services that they might be interested in.

The site owner receives a commission when a visitor clicks on the link and makes a purchase from the third-party affiliate. With a commission percentage ranging from 3 to 7 percent, your site will need a lot of visitors to make any money at all. You may be able to make some real money if you can develop your audience or find a more lucrative area (such as software, financial services, or fitness).

Affiliate marketing is considered passive since, in principle, you can make money simply by posting a link to your website or social media account. In actuality, if you can't get people to click on the link and buy something, you won't make any money.

If you're just getting started, you'll have to put in a lot of effort to develop content and attract visitors. Building an audience can take a long time, and you'll need to find the appropriate recipe for doing so, which in and of itself may take some time. Your audience may quickly move on to the next popular influencer or trend or social media platform if you've already used all your energy.

8.Sponsored posts on social media

Do you have a large social media following, such as on Instagram or TikTok, for example? Offer to post about their products or otherwise feature them in your feed in exchange for payment from emerging consumer businesses.

Nevertheless, you'll have to maintain a steady stream of relevant stuff on your page to keep people interested. And that means you need to keep coming up with new ideas for social media postings that will help you expand your audience and keep them interested in what you have to say.

An attractive business concept is based on leveraging your social media presence. Set up sponsored posts with brands that are relevant to your audience so you may make money from your social media presence.

In order to get started here, you may find yourself in a Catch-22 situation: To receive significant sponsored articles, you'll need a large audience, but until you have a substantial audience, you won't be attractive. To begin, you'll need to devote a significant amount of time to building a following, with no assurance that your efforts will be fruitful. In order to secure the sponsorship you're hoping for, you may end up spending a lot of time following trends and creating content.

Just as important as getting sponsored content is keeping your audience engaged and making yourself a desirable option for advertisers. Even if you have a lot of control over when and where you do it, you still have to put in more time and money.

9.Create an app

Making an app could be a method to invest time up front and enjoy the benefits in the long run. Your app could be a game or a utility that aids mobile users in accomplishing a difficult task. Your app can begin making money as soon as it is made available to the public.

If you're able to create an app that people want to use, you have a lot of potential success with it. You'll need to think about how to make money with your app. For example, you may charge a small fee to download the app or run in-app adverts.

The more famous your app becomes, the more probable it is that you'll need to introduce new features in order to maintain it relevant and appealing to users.

Risk: The main danger here is that you waste your time. As long as you have little or no money invested in the project (or money that would have been spent anyhow), there is little financial risk here. It's a saturated market, so successful apps need to provide users with something they can't put a price on.

Additionally, you should ensure that your app complies with local privacy rules, which vary greatly around the world. The popularity of applications might also be short-lived, which means that your cash flow could dry up far faster than you expect it to dry.

10.Sell photography online

You may not think of selling photography online as a passive business, but if you can sell the same photographs over and over, may be able to grow your efforts. Getty Images, Shutterstock, or Alamy may be able to help you with this.

To begin, you must first be accepted by the site before you can license your images for usage by anybody wants to download them. The platform then compensates you for each time your image is used.

You'll need photographs that appeal to a specific audience or depict a specific environment, as well as an understanding of where demand is. It's possible to photograph models, landscapes, imaginative settings, and more, or it's possible to photograph real-life occurrences that could be covered by the press.

Using a platform to sell or license your photos gives you the opportunity to grow your business, especially if you can produce high-quality images that are in high demand. As a result, the same image could be sold hundreds of times or even thousands of times.

At Getty Images, you run the risk of uploading hundreds of photographs with none of them ever selling. As you seek for the needle in the haystack, you need to keep adding photos to your collection.

There is a lot of work involved in taking images, processing them, and keeping up with the events that could eventually lead to your cash. Moreover, motivation may be difficult to maintain: every new shot may seem like a lottery ticket, but this is unlikely.

Benefits of Earning a passive income

Only 24 hours in a day are available. It's impossible to earn more than that amount in a 24-hour period if you consistently work a job that pays a predetermined wage. Earned income is the term for this.

You may be able to enhance your profits by investing some of your earned income and developing passive streams of income. Financial stability can be improved by diversifying your revenue sources. Passive income has the following advantages: more free time, financial security, tax benefits, location flexibility, achieve financial independence, pay off debt.

What is the greatest way to earn a passive income?

Many factors go into choosing the best passive income opportunity, including your financial resources, the size of the opportunity, your interest in and ability in the field, the amount of time you can commit, and your likelihood of success. Low barriers to entry tend to result in a higher number of competitors and a smaller chance of success.

To determine which passive income plan is ideal for you, you'll need to measure the potential against these considerations. However, having innate ability and a keen interest in your chosen field can serve as motivation, especially in the early stages of your career when the going gets difficult.

There are passive income possibilities for persons who have some money and even for those who have no money to begin with.

Without a bank account, how can I get a steady stream of income?

If you don't have much money to begin with, you'll have to rely on your own time commitment to get you through the early stages, at least until you can save up some. As a result, you should focus on passive income sources that capitalize on the following characteristics:

Expertise in a certain subject matter. Whether it's design, software development, or any other skill you have, you can turn it into a useful product or service here.

Upfront work is required for this opportunity. An opportunity that involves time or effort, such producing a course, constructing an influencer profile, or other possibilities will be necessary for your success.

As a result, unless you can get the necessary funds to broaden your scope, you are essentially replacing your time for your lack of resources.

How can I earn a steady stream of income without having to work hard for it?

There are more passive investment alternatives if you have more money. One of the advantages of investing your savings in a passive opportunity is that it opens up a wider range of possibilities. In order to take advantage of the following passive income sectors, money is required.

Dividend stocks or real estate investment trusts. Investment in stocks necessitates an upfront investment, but you'll reap some of the most passive sources of income.

With bonds or CDs, you may put your money to work for you. You can also invest passively in bonds or certificates of deposit (CDs).

This is a place where, if you so desire, you can earn money with little or no work on your side. In order to enter a more lucrative market, you might also combine personal financial resources with a significant amount of time.

How many sources of income do you need?

When it comes to making money, there is no "one size fits all" advice. Your current financial situation and your long-term financial goals will determine how many income streams you should have. However, even a small number is a good place to begin.

According to Bankrate's chief financial analyst Greg McBride, CFA, "you'll catch more fish with multiple lines in the water." As a supplement to your paid income, rental properties, income-producing assets, and entrepreneurial initiatives are excellent ways to diversify your income.

Make sure that putting in effort into a new passive income stream does not divert your attention away from your current streams. Find a fine line to walk when it comes to balancing your time and resources.

Passive income ideas for beginners

High-yield savings account - There are many benefits of using a high-yield savings account instead of a regular checking or savings account. A small amount, but it's a simple method to begin earning money passively.

Depositary receipts - However, CDs can provide some passive income, but you'll have to keep your money in them longer than you would in a high-interest savings account.

Investment trusts in real estate - To invest in real estate without having to deal with the hassles of property management, look into REITs. Investors seeking a steady stream of dividends may find great appeal in REITs, which typically distribute the majority of their profits to shareholders in the form of dividends.

Minimize your taxes on passive income

While producing side money through a passive income source might be a worthwhile endeavor, it comes with a corresponding tax burden. However, you can also lower your tax burden and plan for the future by establishing a business and opening a retirement account. A legal firm is required to use this method, and it won't work for all of these passive strategies.

Get your firm a tax identification number by registering with the IRS.

Contact a broker, such as Charles Schwab or Fidelity, who can help you open a self-employed retirement account.

Determine which type of retirement account is best for your situation.

Sole proprietorship and SEP IRA are two of the most common options. A tax advantage is available if you put the money in a 401(k) or SEP IRA for this year's tax returns. The solo 401(k) is an excellent option since it allows you to save up to 100% of your annual earnings. However, the SEP IRA only permits you to contribute 25 percent of your pre-tax income. An additional 25 percent of your business revenues can be contributed to your single 401(k) plan.

If you're considering this approach, compare the differences between the two types of accounts or look at the top retirement plans for self-employed people.