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OXBTC Weekly Report-July 17-July 30

OXBTC Weekly Report-July 17-July 30

【Latest updates】

1.BTC Mining Campaign

This week, a new mining campaign has been launched with a new product of BTC Antminer S19.

For more information, please check via: https://oxbtc.com/storage_area_btc

2.FIL Mining Campaign

By the way, the project of Storage Mining is already online on OXBTC.

As for Filecoin Mining, three promotional events have launched this week, a 30-day-term hashrate, 500-day-hashrate and a lucky ticket to win 5 FIL.

For more details about promotional events, please check via:


3.New**-in** BTC Mi****ning Pr****oducts-BTC Antminer S19i

The BTC Antminer S19i which is based on the Antminer S19 series with low power consumption has launched on the platform.

For more product details, please check it below:


4.New-in Filecoin Pr****oduct IPFS-F5 Online(540D)

IPFS-F5 is an upgraded version of Panda Miner IPFS with full storage when it is delivered. There is no need to wait for the packaging and all initial pledge coins for users.

For more new product details, please check via:


5.About Us Page Update****s

The About us which introduce more latest information about our company and mining rigs and farms has been upgraded. Welcome to know more about us:


6.Benifits for New Telegram Group Members

This week, two great promotional events were launched in the telegram group for new members.

One is only $0.99 may purchase 0.1T IPFS-F2 hashrate. Any users who purchased IPFS-F2 hashrate for $3.99 and join this group during the campaign can get $3 off. That means the total cost only takes $0.99. It is limited to 1000 users which have not purchased IPFS products before.

Another is the discount of 2% OFF for purchase one of 2 hot sale products, BTC Antminer S19 or BTC Antminer S19i. The discount is for the number of 1THS and is also limited to the Top 1000 Users.

If you'd like to know more information about the benefits, please join the telegram group:


7.Recent Business Cooperations

We have reached some cooperation with several Youtubers and influencers of Instagram recently. A number of videos can be shared via the following links:




C: https://youtu.be/q91r5axYrPg



8.The Progress of Mining Farms Movement

Most machines in our mining farms have been moved and more farms have gradually resumed. At present, Farm A and D are running by the rule of the "Share Together Program", while Farm F and G are gradually resuming under limited load are recovered.

Please check more details in the latest announcement:


To be Updated and in Plan

1.New BTC mining products

The new BTC mining products located in overseas mining farms will be launched next week. Let's look forward to it.

2.The Optimization on bot****h APP and Website

Some pages on APP and website will be optimized and more information will be updated. Please keep tuned.

Have a nice weekend!


July 30, 2021