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OXBTC: Notice on Electricity Price Adjustment of Flood Season

OXBTC: Notice on Electricity Price Adjustment of Flood Season

OXBTC platform entered into flood season formally from May 25,2020. Each flood season, the platform will adjusted the electricity price, adjustment of this year is as below:

1. Except the short-term mining product and special product, the electricity price of other mining products, no flood season version product, will lower as below:

①Electricity price of S17,S15 and etc mining product adjusts from $0.0572/KWH to $0.0543/KWH

②Electricity price of ETH-B3+ adjusts from $0.0614KWH to $0.0572/KWH.

2. Temporary electricity price subsidy policy: Considering the current decline of the whole net hashrate, and the reduction of computing power difficulty to the normal return at least a difficulty cycle. In order to improve user income, OXBTC will continue to implement electricity price subsidies of flood season to get over difficulties with you. Specific adjustments are as follows:

Electricity price of S17, S15 and etc mining products adjusts from $0.0543/KWH to $0.0515/KWH

Pls notice, this adjustment is temporary!!!

According to the current difficulty estimation, the next difficulty cycle will begin in 12 days, when the difficulty of the whole network is expected to be reduced by another 10%, and the mining of minerals will be further improved. Pls continue to be patient and thank you for your support and understanding!

OXBTC Official Team

May 25, 2020