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New-in Filecoin Hashrate with Longer Term

New-in Filecoin Hashrate with Longer Term

Dear users,

Recently, a new Filecoin mining product, IPFS-F5, has launched on our platform.

Three Must Buy Reasons:

  • Full Packaging
  • Longer Terms: 540 Days
  • Preferential Renewal Benefits after Expiration

Buy Now: https://oxbtc.com/m/product_f5/IPFS-F5

About Filecoin:

Filecoin is a unicorn project in the decentralized storage sector. It raised $258 million in an hour, backed by top venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital and A16Z. Its total storage capacity of 7EiB, equivalent to the capacity of 2.1 billion HD movies or 31,500 Wikipedias. Its current market cap in circulation has surpassed $5 billion.

Filecoin mining is not reliant on the competition for cheap electricity. After the recent market pullback, the cost of miners for Filecoin mining has been largely reduced, creating a good buying opportunity. Buying FIL mining service is a promising option when the outlook for investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum mining is uncertain.

Enjoy FIL mining!


July 29, 2021