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How to invest in cryptocurrency and how to join Cloud Mining for Cryptocurrency?

How to invest in cryptocurrency and how to join Cloud Mining for Cryptocurrency?

​What is the hottest Bitcoin news recently? Presumably many people have heard of it, that is, Bitcoin has reached a new high, surpassing $66,000 in one fell swoop. The market is so good that many people are itching and want to begin cloud mining for cryptocurrencies. But unlike the stock market, cryptocurrencies can be traded 24 hours a day, and the market fluctuates relatively more, so how to invest in cryptocurrencies? How to join cloud mining for cryptocurrencies? Today I will share 3 tips on cryptocurrency investment.

Cloud Mining for Cryptocurrency tip 1: Long-term holding and cloud mining for Bitcoin and Ethereum
The current trends of Bitcoin and Ethereum have witnessed the value of long-term holdings and even fixed investments. If the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Ethereum do not undergo major changes, investment and holding in them are all digital currency investments in my opinion. Strategies that people must persevere forever, will be the ballast stones in our portfolio.
It is conceivable that with the listing and trading of Bitcoin ETF futures funds, Bitcoin and Ethereum may reach new highs. You might as well try to buy a small amount again in the bear market after the bull market.

Cloud Mining for cryptocurrency Tip 2: Invest in DeFi main track leading coin (DeFi blue-chip stocks)
DeFi is also divided into different ecosystems. The most promising one is DeFi in the Ethereum ecosystem. Many people believe that DeFi will become the infrastructure in the Ethereum ecosystem. They are like the cornerstone of a building. How to join cloud mining for cryptocurrency? The value projects in the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem will be the bottom layer on which various new applications in the future depend, and will also capture the value of future new applications, and will continuously create value for investors.

Cloud Mining for cryptocurrency: Tip 3 stable currency mining
Mining is an emerging concept and investment method in this round of DeFi tide. The most important thing about this type of mining is to provide liquidity. The so-called provision of liquidity is to mortgage two tokens into the liquidity pool at a certain ratio at the same time. However, the biggest problem with mining with liquidity is "impermanence loss", which means that investors who provide liquidity will lose part of their original tokens due to market volatility.

There is currently no 100% solution to this loss. However, in the liquidity mining of different tokens, if two stablecoins of the same type are provided, this "impermanent loss" is very small and almost negligible.
How to join Cloud Mining for cryptocurrency? Providing stable coins to participate in liquidity mining may be a better mining method.