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How to mine Ethereum and decrypt the rules of the Ethereum industry

How to mine Ethereum and decrypt the rules of the Ethereum industry

For the industry novices, everyone is more curious about how to dig Ethereum mining. Maybe people outside the Ethereum wall when they see others realize the freedom of wealth, must be curious, envy and hate, and this industry is so popular. Everyone wants to share a piece of the pie, so people outside this industry also want to try the water, so what to do?

It is really difficult to learn some inside information without the guidance of others. It may be like crossing a river by feeling the stones. It is really difficult to find some useful operational knowledge. Then the curiosity about this industry still makes news not give up easily. At this time, he needs the way of celebrity. If you have a friend who happens to be working on Ethereum, then you may learn some knowledge about the industry from him or her.

For the basic knowledge of the industry, others may share some of their own experience, but others cannot tell you all of their own experience, so some core skills still need to slowly accumulate experience on their own. At this time, industry novices, they may not give up easily. At this time, friends around you may tell you that mining requires your own mining machine. At this time, Xiao Bai may think that mining requires a mining machine. Is this all the cost? Isn’t it possible without a mining machine? If unprofessional friends will say, in fact, the home computer can also mine cryptos. At this time, you believe it and start to use the home computer to dig. It turns out that there is no effect after digging for a long time. At this time, the friend will say that at home Although the computer is fine, you still need to use a professional mining machine. In the case of a friend fooling around, you may just build some mining machines yourself and start.

With a mining machine, you will eventually find out how the electricity bill at home has increased a lot, and the cost of electricity bills is higher than the cost of your own mining. At this time, you may feel that this industry is really too deep. If it continues, if there is no effect, the electricity bill will be a large expenditure, and the final outcome may be slowly given up.

In fact, Ethereum mining is not as simple as we imagined. With the upgrade of Ethereum 2.0 in the future, it will be even more difficult. The era of Ethereum mining alone has passed. In the future, no matter what the industry is, it will be more difficult. For those who are warm, everyone will find some reliable platforms to cooperate. This will reduce their own mining costs, and also reduce their own risks. Risks and costs are reduced. For industry novices, that is the goal they are pursuing. I know a little white in the industry who is doing Xiaoding super calculation. He said that in this era, it is very important to pay attention to thinking, and only a change in thinking can make a difference.

So every industry is the same, and every industry will also have a little white. The key is that there is a problem with our original choice. As the saying goes, the choice is wrong, and our efforts are in vain. Only by choosing a reliable one can we reduce our risks. In any case, I hope everyone can understand some of the unspoken rules of this industry and avoid detours.