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FIL Mining - What will happen to the trend of FIL Mining?

FIL Mining - What will happen to the trend of FIL Mining?

Currently, the currency market has entered an era of strong supervision. In the early days, both Bitcoin mining, cloud mining Filecoin and Ethereum mining were unpopular bubbles. However, with the passage of time and time, OXBTC Filecoin and Bitcoin mining has become the best digital currency, followed by Ethereum.

FIL Mining has not been effectively applied since it was promoted and improved. The project party has launched a complete economic incentive function supplement-Filecoin. Filecoin promotes the participation of IPFS ecological builders and the improvement of effective data by forming a corresponding storage and retrieval market. So far, the effective computing power of cloud mining Filecoin's entire network has reached 7.379 EIB. Whether it is the improvement of NFT and DeFi-related ecology, IPFS is rapidly growing and developing.

Recently, many friends have asked me about the future market trend of FIL after the 9.7 drop. This is really hard to say because the market in the past few days is really ups and downs, the highest was 85 US dollars, the lowest also fell to 68 US dollars, and today it is sideways at around 70 US dollars. So what will the future market trend of FIL look like?

The quotations of the past two days are very uncomfortable for those who speculate in coins, because most of the friends who have entered some time ago have already liquidated their positions, not to mention those friends who increase contract leverage, which is basically dead. It's so transparent. Because the biggest risk in the secondary market is contract leverage, although the returns are high, the accompanying risks must be doubled.

Because all OXBTC Filecoin can be seen clearly backstage by the dealer, OXBTC Filecoin is equivalent to a naked swimmer state, he knows all your cards, and it is easy for him to play with you. What do you do with others? Play. And you have to know that if you have only 10% of your funds left, you must make sure that you are profitable for the next 30 operations if you want to recover, and the rate of return cannot be lower than 15 each time. A little bit, do you think it's possible? It's just whimsical.

Some people will say if the contract leverage is so unstable, why is there still so much money in it? OXBTC Filecoin has to know that hunters release bait and layout traps when they catch prey. Those who make money from playing contracts are bait, and then let the bait attract your prey to the bait. Once you enter this, you can't run away. Don’t just make millions and tens of millions of money because of others. For the dealer, it is more than a mention, not even one percent of the money earned by the dealer. That's why it is said that you can't touch the contract. In it, you don't have the ability to bear risks, and you are just a leek to be cut. At the same time, many people are now more worried about the market trend of FIL after this sharp fall. In fact, it is best to summarize in one sentence: you can't see through in the short term and don't need to look at it in the long term. Because everyone who knows FIL knows that the FIL mining project requires a long period of precipitation, rather than reaching the peak after debut, the future value of FIL mining is even more unpredictable.

It is said that FIL mining is a coin that is hyped up. No one wants 300 yuan of FIL coins, and more than 1,000 FIL coins are rushing to buy. But FIL mining and air coin are completely two concepts. It is recommended to read the IPFS white paper in your spare time. Why do you always say beliefs? Without beliefs, you can't hold them!

How to reflect the value of cloud mining Filecoin? The simplest is that the computing power that the entire network grows every day is about 50P, and the required pledge coins are about 400,000, but now the daily output of the entire network is only about 330,000 cloud mining Filecoin, and there is a 70,000 FIL in between. As time goes by, this gap will become more and more obvious. At a certain point in time, it will reach a state of short supply. In this way, the circulation of FIL in the market will decrease, and the price of cloud mining Filecoin will naturally rise.

This is why some investors’ storage servers will become the first choice of many FIL mining lovers. Because storage (FIL mining-coin) is a way to reduce the circulation in the market and increase the amount of FIL mining. Only after the circulation in the market decreases, the coins you dig out will be valuable. And storage is the only thing that will not be controlled, and the only thing that is not controlled by market conditions. Speculation of coins may not make money, but storage is more stable.

About cloud mining Filecoin's future price trend

cloud mining Filecoin’s current consensus level has exceeded 50 times that of BTC mining. The effective computing power of the entire network is steadily increasing at a rate of more than 50 PiB per day, while cloud mining Filecoin’s daily output of 350,000 total network computing power is directly released and only more than 80,000 are released. The circulation is less than 30 million. The circulation of fil will be greatly reduced, and only the rise in currency prices can slow down the entry of computing power and allow the healthy development of the ecology.

From the perspective of development trends, FIL, as the leader of the distributed storage track, has strong development value in itself. The current policy is relatively friendly to FIL mining. The current development momentum of IPFS/FIL is strong, and the value of cloud mining Filecoin. It is more and more reflected that the increase in cloud mining Filecoin currency price is the inevitable result, but it is just a matter of time.