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​FIL Mining - How to choose mining? What is the difference between BTC and FIL mining?

​FIL Mining - How to choose mining? What is the difference between BTC and FIL mining?

While it is more difficult to mine BTC or ETH, FIL mining become the most potential cryptocurrency. The output is small, while fil mining is still in the first stage, with relatively large output and greater value-added space.

The principle of BTC mining is computing power mining

The mining principle of Fil mining and BTC is different. The principle of BTC mining is similar to other cryptos. The equation is solved by consuming a lot of computer calculations. Whoever gets the result first will get the BTC mining reward the fastest, that is, the configuration is higher. People will get more BTC.

BTC mining requires a lot of energy for continuous calculations and therefore requires a lot of electricity. The BTC miner converts the computing power of the chip into computing power by calculating the HASH value. At the same time, the Bitcoin mining machine is purely a HASH computer, which can only be used to mine Bitcoin and has no use in real life.

According to the realization of the goals of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peak", the Chinese government has strengthened the Bitcoin mining regulatory policy recently. Prior to this, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Gansu and other major domestic virtual currency mining towns have issued bans to prohibit mining and other virtual currency mining. Midnight on the 19th may be a historic moment in China's Bitcoin mining. The shutdown load is about 8 million kilowatts, and Sichuan Bitcoin mining machines, which account for 10% of the entire network capacity, are all shut down.

China takes Bitcoin mining as an example. Global Bitcoin mining has ended its nearly ten-year history. It is needless to say what the prospects of high-energy-consuming mining are.

FIL mining is energy-saving mining

Although both of these are called mining, the principles of Filecoin are quite different from BTC.

Fil mining is an incentive mechanism based on the Internet distributed storage protocol IPFS in the IPFS3.0 era. Its main mining principle is that miners continuously store data on the hard disk through the network nodes in the IPFS system and receive Filecoin coin rewards. For storage mining, Filecoin is a storage server with the ability to store valid data.

Therefore, the main program of the FIL mining process requires a stable network IP and a stable power supply, but the power resource consumption is less. Filecoin mining machine is a high-performance, high-standard computing and storage server, providing cloud computing and cloud storage services for society.

BTC mining

A peer-to-peer electronic money system. It is also a major controversy to cross the blockchain platform application and replace the legal currency payment. High energy consumption. The annual consumption is 121.38 billion kWh, which is the electricity consumption of more than 160 countries. BTC mining has no connection with the real economy, and Bitcoin transactions are a huge international capital channel that is difficult to control.

FIL mining

It is a non-central data storage network. IPFS is the currency of blockchain technology, and FIL is a faster and safer method of information transmission and storage. Compared with the high energy consumption of PoW mining like Bitcoin, it is almost negligible. It serves the real economy and has a wide range of applications. Blockchain projects that are closely integrated with the real economy and can be applied on the ground are in line with the "new infrastructure" policy.

The Filecoin network broke through the baseline sustainable goal for the first time, and the first batch of dividends is about to end. The next step is to focus on the storage and retrieval of "real and effective data", and truly realize the distributed network as the most important information of human society. In the next step, the results achieved by FIL mining will further attract more capital inflows.