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Dogecoin Mining Calculator | 2021 Cryptocurrency Investment

Dogecoin Mining Calculator | 2021 Cryptocurrency Investment

Dogecoin mining might be your way to earning much more from cryptos. Bitcoin is still the world’s leading digital coin, but altcoins are catching up. Dogecoin is one of these crypto coins that more people are using nowadays. If you want to profit from this increased use, Dogecoin mining is the way to go.

For first-time investors, we’ll go through the basics of Dogecoin. Then, we’ll explain what Dogecoin mining is and what you need to get started. You could mine Doge by yourself, or you could get others to help you. More importantly, you should check several factors to see if Dogecoin mining will work for you.

When people talk about cryptocurrency, it’s often about buying the coins. You could do more with cryptos than just waiting for price increases. If you have the proper equipment, you could gather Dogecoin and other cryptos while you sleep. When you wake up, you’ll have more coins for more earnings in the long run!

**What is Dogecoin?**

We could thank the creative minds of Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus for Dogecoin. As the hype for cryptocurrency grew, they grew tired of how serious people were treating the idea.

They found inspiration from the classic Doge meme. It featured a cute image of a Shiba Inu with funny messages around it. In 2013, Marker and Palmer brought Dogecoin to the world.

It has a circulation of 100 billion. Such a large circulation can avoid speculators' manipulation of currency value to a certain extent. Because of this, the price of Dogecoin is much lower than Bitcoin, and people are trading Dogecoin more. It is for fun and is more of a means of community cultural exchanges, such as small rewards, sharing, and other operations.

There are several ways to get Dogecoin: The first way is to use a computer to mine Dogecoin. However, your computer's graphics card requirements are relatively high, and you must have a specific computer technology foundation; the second way can be used. Coins are bought and sold on various trading platforms. Some miners will trade Dogecoins on the forum, and some people will buy at the reserve price and then sell it at a high price to make a profit; another third way, To get Dogecoin, now on the Internet, people or companies are often rewarding and giving away;

Dogecoin author Palmer also mentioned that Dogecoin is not like Bitcoin. People are not participating in speculation. This is a way of expressing sharing and gratitude. Rewarding culture is a spontaneous behavior of human beings for thousands of years for appreciation. In foreign countries, rewarding culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. For example, if you see an article written by an online writer and feel helpful to you, you can use it. Dogecoin rewards, or see better micro movies, funny videos, you can reward, or someone needs help, send some help messages on the Internet, and mobilize everyone to love at the first time Donation activities.

Dogecoin is welcomed by many people in the digital currency or blockchain fans as a reward. OXBTC officially motivates users of the platform by giving free Dogecoin to users. OXBTC is a company that provides digital currency mining. It has a large mining farm and many mining machines behind the company. To offer a low-threshold mining experience to users worldwide, OXBTC has provided welfare packages to all newly registered platform users since 2014, including a free computing power experience and a super discounted computing power package. In 2021, OXBTC updated the brand's image and updated the novice package registered on the platform, including a free 200 Dogecoin Lotto campaign for every new user on OXBTC.

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Doge mining profit.png

**What’s More about OXBTC Mining:**

[OXBTC](http://www.oxbtc.com/) is one of the oldest online service providers for mining and hosting cryptocurrency since 2014. Recently OXBTC start a [Lottery Draw Campaign](https://www.oxbtc.com/new_user_gift) for earning 200 Free Dogecoins a week. Every new register on OXBTC official site or OXBTC App can join. To join OXBTC Lottery and earn free dogecoins you need to get a lottery ticket first.

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