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TRON (TRX) Becomes the First Deflationary Currency, Does Cloud Mining Work?

TRON (TRX) Becomes the First Deflationary Currency, Does Cloud Mining Work?

​According to TRON (TRX) data, on October 28, 2021, the amount of TRX generated on the mainnet of TRON was 5,067,920, and the burned amount was 6,066,533.75, with a net value of -998,613.75. People may want to join in Tron mining, such as cloud mining for TRX, so Does cloud mining work? TRX has become the world. The first deflationary cryptocurrency on the Internet. On the same day, the TRON community passed Resolution No. 71, which accelerated the pace of TRX's entry into the deflationary era. The main contents of Resolution 71 passed at 8 o'clock that night include: the cost per unit of energy consumption has been increased from 140SUN to 280SUN; the upper limit of the cost of a single smart contract has been increased from 5,000 to 10,000TRX. Does cloud mining work?

After the resolution takes effect, it will not only increase the amount of TRX burned and reduce the circulation of TRX, but also improve the security and reliability of the TRON mainnet, and push TRX into a deflationary mode.

Another reason is that there has been a large-scale explosion in the TRON ecosystem in recent years, including DAPP, decentralized wallets, stablecoins, blockchain browsers, exchanges, TRC-721 protocol, BTFS distributed storage technology, making waves Field TRON has become the most complete public chain system in the world. Does cloud mining work? According to the latest news of cryptocurrency, the total number of users of TRON has exceeded 59 million, the number of transactions has exceeded 2.5 billion, and the average daily transaction volume has reached 280, making it one of the busiest blockchain networks.

TRON has been continuously cultivating the basic field while maintaining continuous innovation capabilities. Many new tracks such as "GameFi" have maintained their lead. On October 30, TRON will launch a heterogeneous cross-chain solution BTTC. Does cloud mining work? The launch of TRON’s main network in Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions will most likely attract more users to join and attract the transfer of other public chain projects. Brings another outbreak of the TRON ecosystem.

TRON is one of the world's three major public chains. It was founded and launched by Justin Sun in 2018 and is committed to building the next generation of the global Internet and financial infrastructure. Does cloud mining work? The TRON protocol is one of the world's largest blockchain-based decentralized application operating system protocols. It provides high-throughput, high-scalability, and high-reliability underlying public chain support for the operation of decentralized applications on the protocol.