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Dapper Labs Launch Limited-edition NFT Collection to Honor Giants 10th Anniversary Celebration

Dapper Labs Launch Limited-edition NFT Collection to Honor Giants 10th Anniversary Celebration

In association with the NFL and New York Giants, Dapper Labs Inc. is all set with the release of the four exclusive collectible NFTs featuring the championship ring of the New York Giants in the Super Bowl XLVI and the three significant play designs of the championship season of 2011. The collection of the NFT concludes the season-long tenth-anniversary celebration of the historic season of the New York Giants.

The sale of this limited edition NFT collection started on Tuesday, 8th February at 12 noon ET, featuring four exclusive NFT art pieces released one by one to commemorate their iconic victory. To get access to the airdrops, users can visit giants.nflallday.com, the virtual pop-up store of the New York Giants. There the fans can join the line to get a chance of buying the exclusive collectible NFTs by Dapper Labs.

Pete Guelli, the Chief Commercial Officer of the New York Giants said that they were excited to see fans collecting these first-ever released NFT collectibles that feature the three iconic plays by the Giants and the ring of Super Bowl XLVI from the remarkable championship season. He also added that the fans will get to treasure a virtual memory of the Giants' history in this way.

According to Dave Feldman, the digital collectibles get the fan-centric approach from Dapper Labs and the limited-edition non-fungible tokens of the 2011 championship offer the New York Giants fans an opportunity to commemorate the significant moments from the games. Once they have integrated properly with the NFL ALL DAY, the fans of Giants will get to cherish the team history fondly with pride alongside their full collection of NFL NFT.

Details Of The Collection

The four non-fungible token options include –

1. 62 Phantom X Individual

It was available at 12 noon ET on Tuesday, 8th February

Quantity: 2011

It rightly created a stir in the championship run of 2011 –the catch and run sequence in 99 yards of the Giants against the Jets earned them the 10-7 lead before halftime began. Thus began their rise to success.

2. Giant Left 63 Max Flood Tip

It was available at 1 PM ET on Tuesday, 8th February

Quantity: 2011

After the remarkable victory of the Wild Card Round against the Falcons, the New York Giants advanced to Lambeau Field for facing the Packers on road. All they needed was a special treat and they achieved it right before halftime.

The Hail Mary touchdown of 37 yards let the New York Giants gain the two-possession lead before the victory at 37-20 and thus they earned their spot in the NFC Championship of San Francisco.

3. 81 Key Otter W Go

It was available at 2 PM ET on Tuesday, 8th February

Quantity: 2011

The defence of the Patriots was directed not to get crushed by the WR1 or WR2, instead of to compel the game to WR3. However, it was in vain. The throw-and-catch on the sideline or the much-discussed “Helmet Catch” of 38 yards is not only one of the most incredible tricks in the history of the NFL but also a masterstroke in terms of skill. It led the way to the win in Super Bowl XLVI.

4. Super Bowl XLVI Championship Ring

It was available at 3 PM ET on Tuesday, 8th February

Quantity: 46

Each season, thirty-two teams nurture the dream of winning the championship but one becomes the winner. The NFT of Super Bowl XLVI can be used to celebrate the 2011 championship of Big Blue.

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