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Cryptocurrency Platform AEX Launches Program to Boost Vietnam's Crypto Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency Platform AEX Launches Program to Boost Vietnam's Crypto Ecosystem

The cryptocurrencyplatform named AEX has launched a program for boosting the crypto ecosystem of Vietnam.

Cryptocurrencieshave not only aided people of different countries to survive in a time of financial crisis but also became an essential figure in the world's economy, which resulted in more and more organizations trying to promote the use of crypto as a method to boost local and regional markets.

On 21st March, AEX, a platform for digital asset transactions, announced the launch of the "green fund" for empowering the cryptocurrency ecosystem of Vietnam. A hundred million USD investment will be the driving force for this endeavor.

AEX strives to support Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFT projects, and GameFi development in Vietnam. AEX is all set to invest in both downstream and upstream industries of the country to take the initiative successfully. Due to this, any Vietnamese company will be able to apply for access to a fund worth a hundred million USD.

Blockchain Projects Based In Vietnam To Be Aided By $100 Million

As per the press release of AEX, the participating projects in this fund can have significant financial support, extensive support to financial management, and a database consisting of tens of millions of users so that the projects can grow.

High-quality Decentralized Finance projects meeting the criteria of AEX can get "liquidity" incentives right away as a reward for participation. Besides, they will then promote the creation and development of the newer quality projects via contests and events, which are to be organized in Vietnam in 2022.

A stated that it would follow the rules and regulations for the projects meeting the selection criteria to emphasize listing support and recommend those to friendly operators having inclusive and open attitudes and cooperative exchanges.

AEX Plans On Becoming The Best Crypto Bank

With over a million registered customers on its platform, the mission of AEX is not limited to being a cryptocurrency-related investment platform but a world-class bank of cryptocurrency.

According to its market research, Vietnam's demand for the blockchain industry has risen by 140% in the last several years, which has attracted many users and investors to this cryptocurrency world.

Finder.com surveyed in 2021 in twenty-seven different countries. It shows that Vietnam has the most effective adoption rate of cryptocurrency, with over forty percent of respondents who have purchased crypto. Finder.com also mentioned that Vietnam stands fifth in the world with the most significant number of users ready to buy NFT. It speaks on behalf of the substantial interest among the country's people that cannot be ignored.

Therefore, even though Vietnam keeps on sporting the frenemy attitude towards blockchain technology, including cryptocurrency in a similar way to that of China, its neighboring country, experts state that sooner or later, Vietnam will realize and accept the fact that cryptocurrencies are going to stay here. The quicker they get regulated, the faster they can take advantage of crypto.

It all depends on anyone politician who can start this movement, and the rest of the country will surely follow.