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CoinMarketCal - Overview & News

CoinMarketCal - Overview & News

CoinMarketCal is the leading economic calendar providing reliable cryptocurrency news. It covers all events that help crypto traders make better decisions.

The CoinMarketCal API is an HTTP-based RESTful API that uses the header API key authorization. The bodies of API requests and responses are in JSON format.

Initially, make first requestment

Create a CoinMarketCal account and obtain an API Key to use the REST API.

The first step is to register at https://coinmarketcal.com/en/developer/register and acquire your API Key.

You'll land on your account dashboard after signing up. The API Key box in the upper-left panel will display your API key, which you should copy down.

The second step is to call the REST API

https://developers.coinmarketcal.com/v1 is the primary endpoint.

The custom header called x-api-key must be included in all of your HTTP requests to the API. Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip and Accept: application/json headers should also be sent when you send data in order to accept data fast and efficiently.

Usage of an API Key

Personal: There is a maximum rate of 5 calls per second and 13 000 000 calls that can be made by each individual user each month.

Standard plan and up: It is possible for each user to make 13 000 000 calls per month with a maximum rate of 5 calls per second in the standard plan and higher plans.

There is a 30 second timeout per request for each plan.

Payload Format for Endpoint Responses

If the call is successful, all endpoints return data in JSON format with the results of your query in the body.

For both successful and unsuccessful calls, a Status object is always included. Any information concerning errors that have occurred can be found in the error code and error message fields.

Status Codes for HTTP

The API employs standard HTTP status codes to indicate if an API call was successful or unsuccessful.

400 (Bad Request) The request was unable to be processed by the server, most likely due to an incorrect argument.

401 (Unauthorized) Your request is missing sufficient authentication credentials, which is most likely due to a problem with your API Key.

429 (Too Many Requests) If this is an HTTP request throttling error, the API Key's rate limit has been exceeded; consider slowing down your API Request frequency.

500 (Internal server error or timeout (consider reducing the number of events to fetch)) There was an unanticipated server problem. Or you've exceeded the 30-second Timeout restriction.