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Cloud Mining Is It Worth It? Things Novice Should Know

Cloud Mining Is It Worth It? Things Novice Should Know

​With the development of Filecoin, more and more people are attracted to participate. Cloud mining is worth it? In the circle of friends of the traveler, ten advertisements Filecoin account for almost six. Filecoin uses its own advantages to make many people want to participate in it. But how should Fil invest? Cloud mining is worth it? In the process of cloud mining, can you know where the opportunities are and where are the pitfalls?

Fil is a mixed bag. Many people don't know how to invest. This can help everyone understand the rules of Fil's game so that everyone can seize opportunities without digging.

Cloud mining is worth it? If you want to participate in the Fil project, there are currently three options, namely mining machines, cloud computing power, and currency speculation. Each option has a focus.

Let's talk about the mining machine first. Fil's threshold is higher than others. Since the launch of Fil, it has created a mining output value of more than 30 billion yuan in China alone. Some people who participated in the early investment have no way to mine due to technical iterations such as code updates. Many people generally do not know enough about IPFS technology, coupled with the complexity of Fil mining, so that a large part of investors feel that the threshold for participating in Fil mining is relatively high.

Let's talk about cloud mining. Its entry threshold has dropped, but the price has not dropped. The support behind it is the mining machine. Cloud mining is worth it? The configuration, architecture, and software algorithm adopted by the mining machine affect the number of coins mined by the subsequent mining machine. Among them, the technical threshold is relatively high.

The most talked-about speculation is that high risks and high returns are the characteristics of speculation. The current currency price is relatively high, but digital currencies can participate in the purchase of a few, so many ordinary people can also invest. Everyone always pays attention to policy guidance and market trends when speculating coins. At the same time, they have to worry about missing 100 million dollars and worry about cutting leeks with sickles. However, the current market is not stable. No one knows when it will rise or fall. If you are not careful, you may be cut off the leeks.

Now let’s go back to the key points of today. Among the above three types of Fil’s products, cloud computing power can be said to be the most involved by investors, but how should we invest? First of all, we must know that cloud computing power actually has potential hidden dangers. Therefore, when investing in cloud mining, we must pay attention to the overlord clauses in the contract that we often encounter during the investment process. Some are the prevailing status quo, but some are. The merchant is ill-intentioned. You must pay attention to these details. Cloud mining is worth it? When purchasing cloud mining, the contract terms must be carefully read. We often see that in some cloud mining contracts, it is stated that users will bear the losses under "force majeure" conditions, and the platform will not make any compensation. The first feeling is that it is appropriate, but then you will find that there are too many "force majeure factors": in addition to natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes, human factors such as policy and logistics, and sometimes even equipment failures and technical problems are left to the user. This is too unreasonable, we must pay attention to it in advance.

Cloud mining is worth it? In addition, some cloud mining contract merchants will add a clause in the contract. When the cost of packaging is high, if the output currency cannot meet the pledge, the user's token will be directly confiscated. The direct reflection of this situation is that when users are required to provide pledged coins, the income of many users will be reduced to zero or even negative.

After talking about the Overlord Clause, let’s talk about word games. Many unscrupulous merchants often play word games in the contract. Unlike the Overlord Clause, these routine clauses will not let users pay attention and beware at first. Reasonable content, but in the actual operation process, various strange explanations will be given by the merchants. When you choose a mining machine, the effective time of the mining machine is the first, and the second is to pay attention to the final asset disposal methods of the so-called "permanent property rights". Some businesses just treat the "permanent property rights" as a gimmick, and then operate salvage value of the Mining Machine and the potential profit from restarting are all in private pockets. There are also some businesses that are more shameful, in addition to calculating the loss on the user's head, they will even make the user compensate more for the loss. This has transformed the relationship between users and businesses from customers and businesses, businessmen and partners to creditors and slaves, and users from investors to debtors. Cloud mining is worth it? Then there are some routines: stop booting after shutdown, false promises to take effect, secretly dig private mining to use cloud mining, surface mining is actually "opening private estates", this is not a big deal, even more, irritating is to do secretly. , And then more shameful than secretly doing means is deceit and prevarication. Some unscrupulous merchants are already familiar with these methods. For example, when we buy cloud computing power, we must first choose the head miners that are easy to update. When we buy, we often encounter the platform's earliest online commitment, but the platform will often delay the listing time, and often end-users will helplessly bear the losses incurred during this period. Due to false promises, some merchants use their users' computing power to steal or withdraw. There are even not buying any mining machines at all, but running the entire project in the form of a plate. Cloud mining is worth it? In such a project, users can only lose but cannot make money.