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Cloud Mining Ethereum Classic - The Number of Transactions on the Ethereum Chain Rose by 24%

Cloud Mining Ethereum Classic - The Number of Transactions on the Ethereum Chain Rose by 24%

​The hot market transaction of Ethereum drives more and more miners to join in cloud mining ethereum classic. Since October 21, the number of daily on-chain transactions (7-day average) of Ethereum in the virtual currency market has begun to show a significant upward trend. On November 2, it was about 1,352,200, which was higher than that of October when the current round of market launches. On the 21st, it rose by 24.43%. The decentralized multi-chain wallet issued an announcement stating that in response to regulatory requirements, a new version will be released from November 5, 2021. And cloud mining Ethereum classic become the focus, too.

The latest datashows that the top ten NFT projects by volume in the past 24 hours and their volume increases and decreases are as follows:Axie Infinity (+42.12%), Parallel Alpha (+28.08%), The Sandbox (+116.55%), Bored Ape Yacht Club (+80.81%), Farmers World (+108.43%), CryptoPunks (-34.91%), Art Blocks (+240.58%), The Shiboshis (-1.03%), Mutant Ape Yacht Club (+24.90%), NBA Top Shot (+12.29%).

To the miners who cloud mining ethereum classic, the 24-hour trading volume of Art Blocks led the increase (+240.58%) to US$2.227 million; the 24-hour trading volume of CryptoPunks led the decline (-34.91%) to US$2.609 million.


According to the data, the total lock-up volume of Ethereum Layer 2 reached US$4.94 billion, a record high. Among them, the largest amount of lock-up is the expansion plan Arbitrum, which is about 2.72 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 59.21%. Followed by dYdX, with a locked position of US$1.01 billion, accounting for 20.41%. Optimism locked up a volume of 474 million US dollars, accounting for 9.61%.

From the perspective of cloud mining ethereum classic, WETH, stablecoins, and canine Meme tokens have been mainly traded by high frequency in the past 7 days. Among them, the number of transactions of WETH and USDT and cloud mining ethereum classic has exceeded 1 million, which is much higher than other tokens. Secondly, the number of transactions of SHIB has reached approximately 520,000, ranking third. The number of transactions of dog Meme tokens ELON and SAITAMA is also relatively high, about 96,000 and 80,000 respectively. In addition, Decentraland's token MANA and the new public chain Polygon's token MATIC, the head application of the meta-universe concept, have also become popular recently, with the number of transactions exceeding 70,000.