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Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract Reviews

Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract Reviews

The Crypto market is expensive and the accessories might not always come affordable. When you are trading in cryptocurrency, the risk of losing your currency is one of the most discussed concerns as this market is related to mining software, equipment, and more that can go wrong at any time. Choosing a reliable mining site and software can help prevent such risks while saving on your bills. If you are planning to mine Bitcoins and Altcoins that is part of cloud mine technology, you do not need any extra hardware as only the computer or mobile will suffice. All you need to do is choose the provider, rent the miner and track your transactions.

1\. Shamining

Without any skill or hardware, you can start Bitcoin mining with Shamining that is promising enough to let you control miners from different devices. Calculate the income through the intuitive interface and rest assured that your mining is done in an environment-friendly way through solar power. Contract options include CPU miners at 23580 GH/s (USD 0.0120) with 143% return rate, GPU miners at 94340 GH/s (USD 0.0113) with 149% return rate and ASIC miners at 235849 GH/s (USD 0.0109) WITH 156% return rate.

2\. ECOS

Mining with legal status is possible with ECOS that offers a plethora of mining contracts, starting from USD125 that is applicable for 12-15 months. To withdraw and deposit, you can use credit cards, as well as Bitcoins, Ethereums, Litecoins, etc. What is better, you get a free trial contract for mining for a month after registering.

3\. BeMine

For cloud mining and the buying miner, BeMine with several global hotel partners can offer one of the lowest priced services in the world. Users can store miners and purchases without revealing information during transportation, configuration, maintenance, and installation. The minimum purchase is USD52 and the price is often reduced with new miner models in the market. It also offers technical and legal support while you are using the service.

4\. Trustcloudmining

With a contract starting from USD 0.01 per GH/s, TrustCloudMining uses green energy and lets you withdraw as little as 0.001 BTC. Catering to small businesses, this site helps enter the market without spending much and it supports SHA256, Eqiihash, and Ethash algorithms.

5\. CryptoUniverse

Among the largest mining services, CryptoUniverse offers rent durations for 6 months, one year, and 18 months while the investment starts at USD48.5. The contracts are Promo (USD35 per 0.5 TH/s), Beginner (USD1426 per 30 TH/s), Professional (USD3871 per 50 TH/s) and Exclusive (USD9706 per 100 TH/s) at 4.9% fee.

6\. ChickenFast

Crypto mining on ChickenFast is simplified and you will get exceptional service even without hardware and skill. Supporting Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, it has an AI-guided automatic algorithm and high-tech interface where customer support is available 24x7 and eco-friendly mining process becomes straightforward.

7\. Hashmart

From regular maintenance to equipment provision, Hashmart takes care of everything while letting you rent any contract with no downtime risk. With data centers in Russia, it contains strong ASIC miner pools allowing crypto mining efficiently. There are 12-month BTC mining contracts, as well as open-ended 250 GH/s and 300 GH/s capacities.

8\. Freemining

To buy BTC, select withdrawal amount and get it instantly, Freemining can be used as it supports Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, TRX, XMR, and BCH. Play games to earn more coins. There is no hidden fee and mining starts right after registration.

9\. CCG Mining

This mining application will allow trading in Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, and so on while offering a high hash rate to boost profit. Create mining rig in SSL-certified secure platform, trade crypto without maintenance fee and without purchase limit. Email and skype customer service are available.

10\. OXBTC

OXBTC is your multi-crypto mining platform where you can mine Bitcoins, Ethereum, and storage. Although here the owners do not reveal personal information, it has low maintenance fees and affordable mining contracts to earn profits. What is better, there is the possibility to sell hash power. Whether you are new in cloud mining or experienced, benefits are there including the significant cost that you will save and the need for fewer accessories. OXBTC can be your most suitable partner as it has been serving miners since 2014 while offering BTC hash rates worth USD 300. Apart from these, IQ Mining, Hashnest, Cryptoplace, Awesomeminer, Hashing24, and Easyminer are also promising sites for mining. Choose your mining contract properly and make this complex method of mining easier and convenient for you.