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A Quick Guide to OXBTC Earn

A Quick Guide to OXBTC Earn

Do you want to earn by small clicks? Are you looking for easier ways to increase your crypto holdings? Is stable earning not exciting enough? Well, you will definitely be interested in OXBTC Earn!

What is OXBTC Earn?

OXBTC Earn is an awesome way to increase your holdings through easy clicking and simple operation. There are various tasks that you can complete and earn your rewards of OXCoins. OXCoins have a fixed price in dollars and will not follow the cryptocurrency price fluctuation. If you have enough OXCoins, you can exchange them and increase your holdings.

For the first time to experience OXBTC Earn, you may be confused and dazed in how to start.

Let's explore from the dashboard!

From the top zone, you can check how many coins you have at present, how many tasks and activities can be completed and the total awards of the day.


On the left column, it is clear to find tasks type and easily explore by clicking.


Now you may have a basic understanding of OXBTC Earn. Let’s go through the tasks of OXBTC Earn so you can figure out which suits you the best!

Task Information



From the top of this page, you can check how many tasks you can do and how many OXCoins you can earn from them.

All tasks here are related to OXBTC, such as Mining and Learn. Each task has its own steps to complete. You may need to browse the specific page, visit the product details page or even claim a free bonus. After completed, you will get the OXCoins as shown on the task card.




In the zone of PTC Ads, you can easily earn through simple clicking and browsing advised websites. On the top of the page, you can check daily available ads and OXCoins can be earned from them.

From available ads you can find earnable OXCoins and time required. Generally, the required time will be within 30 seconds. Visit the advertised websites through clicking "GO" and browsing enough time, you can effortlessly get the coins!


Please pay attention to download and install the OX Earn plugin.




Similar to PTC Ads zone, you can view daily offers and earnable OXCoins. In this zone, you will get navigation to websites which contain various offers. You may be requested to install an app, complete a survey or play a game.

Obviously, the tasks in offerwalls are with high rewards. You can earn several times the rewards compared to PTC Ads. For example, you can effortlessly get 40 OXCoins through browsing 8-second advertised website. Contrastly, you can take 40,000 OXCoins through completing one of the tasks shown on the offerwalls. These tasks will be more complex than others, however, no pains, no gains!


!!! Risk Notice: PTC Ads and Offerwalls are from third-party services. Please pay attention to keep your private information and assets safe. OXBTC is not responsible for any loss due to the disclosure of personal information by yourselves.


Here you can check the latest campaign in OXBTC. All campaigns shown on the page are going to bring you a great experience in OXBTC and also lead you to explore the crypto world.

How can I check if I got OXCoins?

From the top of the dashboard, you can check how many coins you are holding also the record.


Click "Reward Details" and you can check both tasks you completed and the reward you got.


How can I Redeem OXCoins?

On the left column bottom, you can preview your OXCoins. You can exchange them through the icon 🔁 .


You will get a pop-up window about redeem coins. 100 OXCoins can be exchanged for 0.01USDT. The minimum exchange amount is 30000 OXCoins which means the exchange only starts with 30000 OXCoins. You can check if your balance reaches the minimum exchange amount then decide.


Once exchanged successfully, it can be checked in your OXBTC wallet. If you don't know how to check wallet or how to withdraw exchanged USDT, find them here.

Now, you have got a brief understanding of OXBTC Earn.

Can't wait to start earning? Hurry up and start right now!

Closing thoughts

The purpose of this website is to welcome all people interested in the cryptocurrency world by giving OXCoin through completing simple tasks. That’s quite a lot of options to earn passive income! OXBTC Earn gives you several choices that best suit you, so you can enjoy and increase your crypto balance.