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3 Campaigns You should know in OXBTC

3 Campaigns You should know in OXBTC

Welcome to OXBTC and hope you can begin with a great experience in crypto world. Multiple and various campaigns have launched in OXBTC and you are expected to get the top awards. This guide will briefly explain the rules about hot campaigns, start to enjoy yourself!

Campaigns Introduction

Referral Campaign

Our platform upgraded the referral program and had launched the first season on Dec.11,2020. Up to now, four seasons have launched and the fifth one is approaching. Are you curious about joining the campaign? Move on and learn about rules about the referral campaign.

If you join in the referral campaign and become an inviter, you can invites friends to register our platform and purchase BTC/ETH/IPFS mining contracts(except the contracts for new users)by your own referral poster, email, link, or code. In this way, you can get up to8% BTC commission based on the corresponding level after the invitee creates a valid account and places orders successfully.

If you are invited by other inviters, through clicking the referral link or using the referral code to register an account successfully, you can get free BTC hashrate worth $300as a new user, become an inviter to set up your own group, begin your mining journey in OXBTC as well.



Based on the rules, the invitation level of the inviter, the commissions as well, may change based on invitees. If you refer your friend A, he or she places an order, you can get the commissions from the order A placed. If you refer your friend A, then A refers B, A does not place an order but B does, you can get the commission from the order B placed. As an inviter, you can get the commission from the completed orders not the quantity of invitees. To some extent, more invitees are referred to your group can you get up to 8% BTC commissions and have possibility to win a BTC miner.

You can refer your friends through sharing a referral link or your own referral code, the poster with referral information and even sending the email.


Groupon Lottery

Similar with referral campaign, you need to build up a group to join in the Groupon Lottery. Join in the campaign, you can get the opportunity to share 1 BTC together.


You can either start two kinds of group with 1 new user invited or be one of members of the group. Whether you initiate or join in a group, the group is only valid in containing 2 members. The lottery will also be drawn upon to a valid group.


All participants, including group initiator and another two invitees, can share 2 BTC together at the end of campaign. There are two group types in the lottery and one is based on the product of BTC Pandaminer P5 and one is based on the product of BTC Antminer S19.

You can initiate A group by purchasing 1THS BTC Pandaminer P5 hashrate, then invite your friends through sharing referral link, referral code, exclusive poster, E-mail invitation, etc. Once your invitee completed registration and purchased the same hashrate as yours, the group is formed.

Another group, B group, is different in purchasing quantity and product. If you initiate to form a B group, follow the same steps as forming A group, purchase 0.5THS BTC Antiminer S19 hashrate then invite your friend. Once invited your friend, as the initiator, you can get the award of a free electricity fee.

Each group definitely has one winner in the lottery. The winner can get the corresponding award and non-winners can get not only a full refund but also the rebate.

Now you may be curious about what if I would like to initiate a group after being invited.

Of course you can form yours! Only two points you need to notice: make sure the group you joined has been formed with 2 members and form the same group type as the one you joined. You cannot have both Group A and Group B. You join in A group then you can only form another A group for a second chance to win the lottery.

Share Bonus with Brand New OXBTC!

To celebrate the new version of OXBTC, you are welcome to share the 1 ETH prize pool.

Duration: March 4, 2022 - 17:00 March 14, 2022 (SGT)

First, make sure you have joined in OXBTC telegram group. If not, join in now!

Secondly, share the campaign poster and OXBTC English telegram official community on any social media such as Twitter/Telegram/Facebook/Reddit before the event ends.


Thirdly, submit link of your shared poster and your OXBTC account to the google form before the event ends.

Are you curious about it? Hurry up and welcome to join us!

Closing thought

Campaigns above are expected to bring you a great experience in OXBTC and also lead you the first step in crypto world. If you are curious about cryptocurrency, move on and explore it in OXBTC Academy!