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Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency 2021 – Why is Bitcoin the Most Valuable Investment?

Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency 2021 – Why is Bitcoin the Most Valuable Investment?

​Cloud mining cryptocurrency 2021 - Why can Bitcoin become the most valuable cryptocurrency for investment? The reason may be that many miners can say one or two things, such as the upper limit of the total amount of mathematical guarantees, the resistance to censorship, and the lack of permission. But why can these characteristics make Bitcoin to the moon? What is the target market value? For cloud mining cryptocurrency 2021, I will share one of the views and try to analyze the logic of Bitcoin's continuous breakthrough to new highs and becoming the most valuable cryptocurrency for investment.

Traditional means of value storage, such as real estate, land, stocks, bonds, cash (fiat currency), gold, jewelry, calligraphy, and art, all have their weaknesses, causing the failure of value storage: real estate is easily destroyed in wars; while the performance of the stock market, Fiat currency and whether it can continue to operate is directly and directly related to whether the authorities defeated it. The stock market and fiat currency of the failed country will no longer exist and have no value. The weakness of gold is that its movement must involve physical movement, which requires physical movement or transportation. Jewelry, calligraphy, and artwork are even more prone to damage.

However, the reason why Bitcoin has become the most valuable cryptocurrency for investment is inseparable from its own characteristics: only the owner of the private key can use the corresponding Bitcoin, regardless of geographical or national borders. The Internet itself is open and unrestricted. For cloud mining cryptocurrency 2021, Bitcoin has no physical drag, no need for armed escorts, and no need to go through customs. Bulk transaction fees are low and confirmation is fast. In addition, Bitcoin does not require permission and cannot be intercepted.

So what is the investment value of Bitcoin? As the legal currency will continue to inflate, in comparison, Bitcoin, as the most valuable cryptocurrency for investment, can be called the gold of the Internet age. In cloud mining cryptocurrency 2021, the most valuable cryptocurrency for investment-Bitcoin has a market value of US$0.6 trillion, the market value of all encrypted assets is US$1.38 trillion, and the market value of gold is US$12 trillion. There is still a big gap between the two. Among the global wealth of 500 trillion U.S. dollars, the value of vehicles used as rent may only account for half of the value calculated in accordance with the discounted cash flow. Cloud mining cryptocurrency 2021 - The remaining half is due to the expansion caused by investors seeking various value storage carriers in the environment of excessive legal currency issuance. It remains to be seen how much Bitcoin and crypto assets will eventually occupy in the remaining 250 trillion US dollars. However, for cloud mining cryptocurrency 2021, it is clear that the market value of Bitcoin and crypto-assets is still very small. With the further proliferation of legal currency, the world's total wealth, denominated in US dollars, is also steadily expanding.

As the price of Bitcoin itself expands, in the period of cloud mining cryptocurrency 2021, the entire Bitcoin becomes more and more unaffordable, and its volatility is also slightly reduced. Compared with the emerging popular crypto assets, it is younger People may prefer the latter. In addition, due to the rise of Defi, various project tokens provide unique utility and will exist for a long time.