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What’s the Difference between Cloud Mining Services and physical mining machine in FIL Mining?

What’s the Difference between Cloud Mining Services and physical mining machine in FIL Mining?

Recently, many friends want to join in fil mining. The first multiple-choice question they face is whether to buy cloud mining services or physical mining machines? Now let me help you sort out the difference between cloud mining services and physical mining machines in Fil Mining.

What is the difference between cloud mining services and physical mining machines? Let's first take a look at what is a mining machine.

The miner is actually a professional storage server, which is mainly composed of a chassis, motherboard, power supply, fan, processor (CPU), memory (RAM), graphics card (GPU), hard disk and other components. In addition to some auxiliary components, what everyone cares most about is the core components such as CPU, GPU, memory and hard disk. Fil Mining’s miner is also composed of these components and is essentially a professional storage server.

Cloud computing products

Generally, miners arrange clusters in advance, or contract mining pools and mines, encapsulate the cloud mining services in advance and then divide and sell them to investors in units of 1T. Cloud mining services are that miners have provided pledge coins and GAS fees, and the price is linked to the real-time packaging cost. The general contract period is 540 days, two years, 1080 days, etc. Usually, the pledged coins will be returned after a certain period, but investors who purchase cloud mining services will not get the pledged coins returned. To a certain extent, it is equivalent to the miners buying the pledged coins for the miners.

Features of cloud computing products:

1) Coins can be produced after cloud computing products are put on the shelves. There are fast shelves, no encapsulation period, and low time cost. Generally, according to the market, the mined coins and operation and maintenance parties are divided into two to eight, and 20% of the coins are shipped. Maintenance costs

2) Cloud mining services mining usually has a very low investment capital threshold. Previously, the media broke the news that miners peddled FIL coin mining to an aunt in units of 0.1T, and the masses thought it was CX and called the police;

3) Cloud mining services products because miners have already integrated all related costs such as pledge, GAS, mining machines, custody, etc., investors do not need to go into the industry information of FIL coin mining, so it seems to be more trouble-free;

4) Once the contract expires, investors who want to mine must pay again to purchase cloud mining services products.

Cloud mining services are not cost-effective because investors have purchased pledged coins for miners, but it is suitable for small players who are not strong enough but are very interested in the FIL coin project. Usually, cloud mining services are very opaque due to miners taking care of everything, so much information including currency production is very opaque, and many tricks are often hidden. There are also many manufacturers who have oversold cloud mining services, which has greatly damaged the income of miners.

Physical mining machine

Generally, the specifications of the entire physical mining machine are not equal to the actual effective cloud mining services. Usually, part of the hard disk storage capacity is redundant, that is, the space occupied by the server's own related systems and safety backup data. Therefore, the effective cloud mining services of a 48T server are generally 32T, and the effective cloud mining services of a 192T server are generally 128T. Generally, effective cloud mining services are two-thirds of the specifications of the whole machine.

This kind of physical mining machine can generally be used for at least 5 years! Investors provide their own pledged coins and GAS fees, and the pledged coins will be returned to the miners after a certain period of time. And physical mining machines are generally freehold, which means you can dig forever if you want.

Features of physical mining machine

1) The mining time is long, and the mining cycle is much longer than that of cloud computing products. Generally, it can be mined for five years. If five years later, the mining machine can still dig, you can continue to dig, and there will be a certain residual value if you can’t dig, for example, Hardware products such as graphics cards and processors all have a certain residual value. It is also a benefit for investors who invest large amounts of money.

2) Physical mining machines usually have a high total price investment, which is unbearable for ordinary players, but the cost-effectiveness of a single T is very high. However, after a certain period of time, the pledged coins can be returned to investors, so the actual effective cost will be reduced by about 50%.

3) The mining information of physical mining machines is often very transparent. Investors can check their own packaging information, currency production information, daily income, accumulated income, etc. in real-time every day. Miners basically have no room for black-box operation, and it is almost impossible to have tricks. And the mining machine will basically be affixed with the code and name of the mine owner to ensure that the mining machine is producing coins.

The return on investment of physical mining machines is higher than usual. It is suitable for professional investors with strength, vision and courage. It is basically difficult for small players to enjoy this piece of cake. At the same time, you can get block explosion rewards by buying physical mining machines, and you can also get the search income and storage income in the later stage. If you buy the cloud mining services, you can only get the mined coins, and any later income belongs to the miner company.


If your investment budget is not enough, you can buy 1T 5T 8T, such as 1T 5T 8T, a low-threshold cloud mining services product that can quickly produce coins first to recover your investment cost.

However, cloud mining services must be said here. It has no ownership, which is equivalent to lease, especially if there is no later access and retrieval income, and whether the cloud mining services have a 1:1 cloud mining services upper limit match, is not known. The physical mining machine has permanent property rights, which one to purchase, and which node to mine at is open and transparent.

If your investment budget is sufficient and you are optimistic about the long-term development of the IPFS ecosystem, then physical mining machines are the ideal choice. In the foreseeable time, IPFS has a high probability to replace the traditional underlying protocol HTTP, and Fil mining will also become one of the most valuable projects in digital currency! The early miners of Fil mining will surely get corresponding surprise rewards!

I believe you can understand, whether it is better to choose cloud mining services products or physical mining machines. Or choose the investment product that suits you according to your actual situation.