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Weekly Updates: Top BSC GameFi Dapps withHigh Gains in Users

Weekly Updates: Top BSC GameFi Dapps withHigh Gains in Users

The play-to-earn movement is finding traction immediately, and BSC GameFi dapps are among the foremost standard. DappRadar has compiled an inventory of the highest five GameFi Dapps on the Binance Smart Chain that gives players the chance to earn in-game assets and tokens while playing.

CryptoMines Eternal

CryptoMines Eternal is a play-to-earn game designed on the Binance network that aims to be the best fantasy blockchain game.

CryptoMines Eternal.png

Players collect Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that permit them to relish the CryptoMines metaverse. Here, players strategize and explore the house in search of the dear resource, $ETERNAL, wont to extend the lifetime of their employees and earn profits on the means. examine their website for additional details.

Baisc Data on CryptoMines

- Blockchain: BSC

- Token: $ETERNAL

- The total number of tokens: 5 million

- Users: 252.49K

- Volume: $182.22M

- Weekly rank: #4

At the time of writing, one ETERNAL token is priced $197.82, which drops 50% to its highest level. however, compared to the discharge value of simply $0.592, there's a formidable gain. If you’re a brand-new beginner to start out enjoying CryptoMines, click here and find out how to earn $ETERNAL tokens.


BinaryX is also a bsc gamefi platform that presently runs the Cyber Dragon play-to-earn game.


Cyber Dragon permits players to form characters, challenge copies, and loot rare things. The ultimate challenge within the game is to defeat the last word boss – the cyber dragon. The tokens paid as entry fees by all players become the assets of the cyber dragon’s treasure house. If a player manages to defeat the dragon, they receive the dragon treasure house rewards.

Basic Data of BinaryX

- Blockchain: BSC

- Token: $BNX and Gold

- Max provide tokens: 21 million

- Users: 62.6K

- Volume: $79.69M

- Weekly rank: #9

The BinaryX token erupted in quality, rising a hundred and 130% when Binance proclaimed its listing on the exchange. At the time of writing, one BinaryX token is priced $132.13. Can it arouse within the next month? Let’s keep tuned with it. Now, you simply wanna skills to earn $BNX, click here for additional data.


DNAxCAT is a decentralized Cat metaverse playing game that's based on BSC.

DNAxCAT Token.png

Moreover, within the virtual cat pet world, players will raise and breed completely different cute cats and fight shoulder to jostle the journey world with their cats. At DNAxCAT, players have complete possession sanctioning players to earn cash. Additionally, the platform offers amazing gameplay expertise with a unique game and character style.

Basic Data of polymer cat

- Blockchain: BSC

- Token: $DXCT

- Max provide tokens: 100 million

- Users: 3.11K

- Volume: $8.14M

- Weekly rank: #29

DNAxCAT Token value adequate to nine.67 USD at 2021-12-01. With a 5-year investment, the benefits will soar to an unbelievably high level. Some institutes predict DNAxCAT Token get 7 times to extend within the future 5 years. If you're trying to find virtual currencies with smart returns, DNAxCAT is a profitable investment choice. For beginners WHO needs to earn DNAxCAT, you'll be able to check this text for reference.

Zoo - Crypto World

ZOO Crypto World is a GameFi metaverse that mixes DeFi with GameFi. Battle your opponents, place bets in pools, or engage in action-packed battles with mega bosses!

ZOO Crypto World.png

The game involves 2 native tokens - KEY and ZOO. KEY tokens are attained by providing liquidity to their farms, or they'll be purchased directly from Pancakeswap in addition. These KEY tokens unlock the NFT of random rarity level.

Basic Data of Zoo - Crypto World

- Blockchain: BSC

- Token: $ZOO & $KEY

- Max provide tokens: 200 million

- Users: 18.25K

- Volume: $3.73M

- Weekly rank: #19

Considering the low market cap of the Zoo - Crypto World, ZOO price is simply manipulated. If you're trying to find virtual currencies with smart returns, ZOO is a foul, unsound 1-year investment choice. Currently, ZOO - Crypto World value gets up to $0.9825USD AT December 1st, 2021, however, your current investment could be debated within the future. If you're still fascinated by ZOO Crypto World, you'll be able to skills to earn ZOO coins before investing in it.


MOBOX is an NFT gaming platform running on Binance Smart Chain. It combines NFTs gaming and Defi yield farming to form a gaming style model, aiming with the slogan ‘free to play, play to earn”.


MOBOX believes that every metaverse is connected through NFTs, and aims to attain NFT ability across games and platforms. MOBOX has established a distinctive infrastructure that constructs the growing DeFi scheme and combines it with gaming through unique NFTs.

The platform additionally uses Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and NFTs to supply whole DeFi expertise. This GameFi infrastructure can realize the simplest yield methods for users and generate distinctive NFTs which will be used across a mess of playing games to be free by the MOBOX team.

Baisc Data of MOBOX: NFT Farmer

- Blockchain: BSC

- Token: $MOBOX

- Max provide tokens: 1 billion

- Users: 98.88K

- Volume: $7.39M

- Weekly rank: #6

However, the MBOX token had a good launch, no non-public investment, no providing spherical, and no pre-mine. The token trades at $14.25 with over $ 3.2 billion as its 24 hours commerce volume. That has enhanced over 50% within the last 24 hours. If you wanna skills to start out shopping for MBOX tokens, please check here.


CryptoBay is a play-to-earn metaverse game platform on BSC. Users should buy and build ships, fight against pirates in journeys, fight against players within the arena, participate in boss battles, build their harbors, recruit captains and lift pets, and participate in alternative attention-grabbing daily missions to create their kingdom.


In Blockchain games, play-to-earn is the means several users add reality. CryptoBay is honored to be a part of the change.

Baisc Data of CryptoBay

- Blockchain: BSC

- Token: $PEARL

- Max provide tokens: 18,305,399

- Users: 17.63K

- Volume: $472.95K

- Weekly rank: #21

CryptoBay value is adequate to $0,0808 nowadays, however the worth will go up and down and your investment is also lost because the cryptocurrencies are unsound assets.

Whether you must invest in Crypto Bay now or later completely depends on your budget and therefore the affordability of investment risk. If you're attempting to seek out cryptocurrencies with smart returns, you must explore the most accessible sources of information regarding Crypto Bay to create such an accountable call regarding the investment by yourself.


Blockchain-based games are on the increase in 2021. Can GameFi Dapps keep flourishing within the forthcoming 2022? Nobody can give an exact answer. However, a shift in trend indicates that the entertainment sector is rapidly expanding its global network of users, and Blockchain games are seeing and will witness mountains of benefits.

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