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What is the value of cryptocurrency and what is a cloud mining contract?

What is the value of cryptocurrency and what is a cloud mining contract?

​Does cryptocurrency have investment value? What is a cloud mining contract? Even today, when Bitcoin keeps hitting new highs, many financial experts and scholars are still at odds on this issue. However, institutions that already hold Bitcoin, obviously have a more optimistic view on the issue of "cryptocurrency investment value".

A manager from Genesis believes that the theory of Bitcoin has changed from a payment layer to a crypto value store: "The theory of Bitcoin has changed from the initial payment layer to a crypto value store, and the number is equivalent to gold. CME listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Futures is a big step, almost making the market too big to fail. Global investment banks see Bitcoin as another commodity offered to investors, usually their commodities and foreign exchange counters for crypto trading."

DeFi (decentralized finance) and virtual currencies have changed the entire cryptocurrency market by providing revenue. Owners of cryptocurrencies can lock their assets in agreements that generate revenue in various ways: for example, by lending assets or becoming a liquidity provider for automated market makers on decentralized exchanges. Now, DeFi has attracted a large number of external investors into the world of cryptocurrency, and the investment value of cryptocurrency is gradually showing. Large-scale DeFi agreements include Uniswap, Aave, Compound, Curve, MakerDao, SushiSwap. What is a cloud mining contract? These cloud mining service providers can provide an annual yield of 2% to 15%, and sometimes when the newly launched DeFi protocol tries to attract users to buy their own tokens, the yield will be higher.

What is a cloud mining contract? Newcomers to the crypto market may be attracted by the passive income of the cloud mining for such cryptocurrencies because they can lock their USD stablecoins into decentralized applications that lend them in exchange for a 2 % to 5% annual yield, which is the low-risk end of DeFi.

"These agreements have a lot of value inside.” The founder and CEO of Fireblocks said in an interview: “They are publicly exposed and have been in operation for several years, during which everyone has tried to crack them. The fact that no one succeeded does not mean they will never succeed-although you can say the same thing to any bank-but this is one of the reasons they are so popular."

EQI Bank is more optimistic about the investment value of cryptocurrency. What is a cloud mining contract? They believe that the first mover can build competitive advantage: "In the field of traditional asset management, there is a key concept of strategic asset allocation. For traditional asset management companies, cryptocurrency is still not one of them. The main buyers are still family offices, hedge funds, and more and more corporate government bonds, which are not subject to the same guidelines as pension funds. What is a cloud mining contract? If crypto assets are really recognized as strategically allocated like private equity accept the part, then the demand will be huge."