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Top 5 Best Cloud Mining Sites 2021

Top 5 Best Cloud Mining Sites 2021

Are you in the crypto market for quite some time and looking for a trustworthy crypto mining platform to make profits without any scams? Well, even if you are new to this market, Altcoin and Bitcoin trading might not be new to you as these are in the crypto market for nearly a decade. Mining is the most vital part of trading where you create new coins and solve complicated numerical problems. Therefore, before trading, you should consider the digital currency you have and the budget you can use because crypto trading is expensive. To help you choose the best sites for mining, here are the top five options –


Starting in 2018, the UK-based software company Shamining is a great platform for beginners with its 3 data centers in England, California, and South Africa. To trade cryptocurrency you need to deposit USD250 and the rate of return will be 143%. With fast payouts, 24x7 customer service, and a user-friendly interface, Shamining needs you to sign up, deposit money using BTC wallet, credit card transfer, or IBAN transfer, and purchase a contract to start mining. Best Cloud Mining Sites 2021


* New users get extra bonus. Sign up to get a 37% bonus for the first investment.

* Control miners from any device

* Easy to use and leaves no impact on the environment

* Compatible with various computer systems


Starting in 2017, it supports Bitcoin, Zen, Ethereum, and other currencies while incurring no upfront cost so that beginners can get started on mining easily. Choose from the three algorithms for cloud mining and also the power of your equipment. Trust Cloud Mining uses solar energy and has a minimum deposit amount of USD250.


* Easy withdrawal of o.oo1 BTC from mining

* Live chat is available and customer care is always present

* Coins are added to user recommendations

* Daily payment on flexible contracts


For Bitcoin mining, BeMine.club with the largest number of Russian data centers can be a great platform for miners and general crypto users. Supporting Bitcoin, Zcash, and Ethereum, this site formed in 2018 lets users store the equipment in the partnered data center while the users are able to buy and store it without revealing personal information.


* Lower service price that Mongolia and China

* You can make cloud contracts and buy miners

* You can buy ASIC miner shares and arrange delivery of that miner on the doorstep


Starting in 2017 IN Free Economic Zone, ECOS was the first mining provider to buy BTC with legal grade and now has over 100000 customers across the globe. Within contract available at as little as USD 125 and withdrawals from only 0.001 BTC, ECOS offers a calculator on its site to choose from standard and pro-mining contracts.


* Detailed transaction history available with daily payments

* Apart from cloud mining, exchange, wallet, savings, and investment portfolio available

* Free contract for one month trial on registration

Cloud Mining Sites 2021


OXBTC has been serving cloud miners and mine service hosts since 2014. With support in Korean, English, and Chinese language, it has so far reached nearly a million users in over fifty countries by offering safe and cheaply priced contracts. There are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum for payment and owners do not need to reveal information publicly.


* Multiple payment methods accepted

* Getting started right after purchasing contract

* Round the clock service

* Selling hash power is possible

* Profitable contracts available at cheap mining cost

* Low maintenance fee

Best Cloud Mining Sites 2021 Offering one of the fastest hardware, Genesis lets you choose currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash, and Dash. It offers mining output periodically to the wallet and has a user-friendly interface. CrypytoUniverse is another site that offers daily rewards in your account and ensures daily maintenance and updating of the mining equipment. It also lets users earn Bitcoins by sharing mining equipment. Hashing24, on the other hand, has a calculator to choose your suitable contracts and offers daily promotions with weekly auctions for users. There are also other sites like CCG Mining, Hashmart, Freemining, ChickenFast, Trustcloudmining, etc that will offer you suitable rates and benefits. However, judging the pros and cons of the above five sites, it can be said that OCBTC can be the most convenient mining site for your trading and BTC creation. With total issued profits of 317678 BTC and above 933500+ satisfied users, it has been offering a safe platform for crypto miners since 2014.