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Three Ways for Newbies to Obtain Cryptocurrency: Cloud Mining Service Provider

Three Ways for Newbies to Obtain Cryptocurrency: Cloud Mining Service Provider

​As Bitcoin moves from the textbooks of college computing students to the streets, no one is unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. The myth of wealth creation caused by this has also made more and more people want to enter the cryptocurrency market to make investment allocations. So what role can cloud mining service providers play in it, and what are the ways for newbies to obtain cryptocurrency? Today let’s talk about 3 ways to get cryptocurrency and cloud mining services.

The First Way to Get Started: Cloud Mining Service Provider

The form of buying the server, that is, the mining machine, the "miner" through the calculation of complex math problems, who can calculate the math problem first, the cryptocurrency of the block reward can be issued to him, similar to the block generation model of Bitcoin. And the block packaging rewards obtained by using computers as storage services in the form of zero-knowledge proof, that is, Filecoin, are also a way of " cloud mining". These two are all classified into the form of "mining". Whether it is buying a storage server or buying cloud mining services, it is all based on computer "mining", which is also the root of cryptocurrency.

Cloud Mining Service Provider-The second way to start: "ICO"

The concept of initial public offering (IPO) originating from the stock market is the act of issuing tokens for the first time by a blockchain project to raise general cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Through the initial fundraising stage, investors only need to pay cash and buy a percentage of the future issuance of the currency, and then they can obtain the corresponding number of tokens within a few years after the official issuance of the token.

At this stage, the highest fundraising in ICO is the Filecoin project, which has raised 257 million US dollars in a short period. It is not only supported by 8 world-class venture capitals represented by cloud mining service providers. There are also strict restrictions in the private placement process. For example, qualified investors must have an annual income of 200,000 U.S. dollars or a spouse whose annual income is more than 300,000 U.S. dollars/net asset value of more than 1 million U.S. dollars to participate in crowdfunding. Non-U.S. investors are also required to at least comply with the provisions of U.S. law. These terms strictly control the number of participants and the average level.

Cloud Mining Service Provider - The third way to get started: "Digital Currency Trading Platform"

As more and more digital currencies are dug out by the owners of "mining", and when there are people in the market in demand, it is necessary to conduct transactions through the virtual currency financial service platform. In addition, the cryptocurrency market will also be affected by capital. The market began to fluctuate due to the influence of operations and supply-demand relations. There are no restrictions on the virtual currency financial service platform. Participants do not need to purchase so-called "mining machines" and cloud computing power. They only need to pay the domestic legal currency to conduct transactions on the virtual currency financial service platform. This greatly promotes ordinary Human participation.

At this stage, there are thousands of virtual currency financial service platforms around the world, and the more mainstream trading platforms also have hundreds of scales. So how do you choose which exchange to trade digital currencies for individuals? Consider a cloud mining service provider such as OXBTC.

The biggest difference between cloud mining service providers and stock exchanges is that they can be traded 24 hours a day, and transactions are almost guaranteed in seconds. When users use these platforms to trade, they can enjoy the experience of realizing in seconds. When you have digital currency, you can buy and sell quickly. This is the biggest difference.

Therefore, at this stage, the best way for ordinary people to participate in the blockchain includes cloud mining service providers, etc., but not every cryptocurrency can participate. The project parties and white papers must be reviewed in the early stage, only the real value and application. The cryptocurrency of the scene, and cannot be reported with a speculative mentality. The future of blockchain has a good prospect, and the value of blockchain projects that can truly be implemented must exceed everyone's imagination.