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OXBTC Upgraded Business to Crypto Platform for Cryptocurrency Earn, Learn, and Mining

OXBTC Upgraded Business to Crypto Platform for Cryptocurrency Earn, Learn, and Mining

Whether new to the crypto world or have been there for quite some time, users can always explore the world of blockchain and digital currency as there is no end to knowledge. While some users are looking for a passive income with the cryptocurrency, some are all about mining Bitcoin within minutes.

To answer all the questions and offer a secure gateway for mining, OXBTC was founded in 2014 as the one-stop crypto solution. In association with more than fifty countries worldwide, OXBTC has created an efficient and convenient platform for all. With nearly a million registered users and 2700+ days of the safe operation period, OXBTC has made way for a total issued profit of over 32000 BTC.

OXBTC relies on extensive supply chain resources to offer a stable and secure service to the users as a globally recognized mining platform that ensures real-time mining with the self-run mines.

OXBTC's development history

The company was founded in 2014, and by 2018, a sub-brand was launched. OXBTC had also served more than seven hundred thousand customers by that time. As a result, in 2019, OXBTC was awarded the most valuable and reliable cloud hashrate platform. In the same year, it has completed 1825 days by running safely. In the following year, it launched innovative assets, and in 2021, the brand was upgraded.

To offer a convenient interface for crypto mining, OXBTC strives to lower the participation threshold for the customers. It provides a stable user-oriented mining strategy to create a win-win situation in securing funds for both bear and bull markets. The actual mining supply chain eliminates capital risks, and delivery of the mining rigs is guaranteed with hash rates of 1:1.1+. At the same time, OXBTC constantly innovates new products with service models for ensuring a diversified mining process.

OXBTC has partnered with Bit Waves, Huobi Wallet, Bitpie, imToken, Antpool, Sparkpool, and many other companies. It partnered with various mining rig manufacturers like Panda Miner, iPollo, Ebang, WhatsMiner, etc., across the globe to promote the competitive supply chain. It manages thousands of certified mines in the U.S and Asia while ensuring uninterrupted and stable machine operation.

OXBTC selects farm sites for secure and safe operation in a professional hosting service and carefully evaluates the local operational security policies. There are five vital indicators for real-time hash rate monitoring. The systems and projects are investigated carefully before providing a stable power load at a preferential price for infrastructure construction. Besides, repairing of mining rigs and maintenance of the site are also done cautiously.

Three OXBTC's Business Parts

The three business parts of OXBTC are mining, earning, and learning. OXBTC is up to date with the latest news regarding airdrops, scams, mining methods, and promotions. On joining the platform, users can earn points by performing tasks such as claiming free BTC hash rates worth USD 300, completing email or SMS verification, and buying BTC Antminer S19 and IPFS-F2.

Coming to mining, those who are new to the crypto world can make the best out of the PandaMiner B8 1660S, BTC Antminer S19, IPFS-F6, BTC Pandaminer P5, and ETH-6600Graphics Card. The multi-cryptocurrency services will satisfy various requirements, including Ethereum and Bitcoin mining or storage mining.

After purchasing, users do not need to install the mining machine as OXBTC provides professional services with crypto investment strategies. The first thing to do is register an account on the OXBTC website and purchase the machine by placing an order –once delivered, the users can enjoy daily profit from mining. As for the professional services provided by OXBTC, selection of assets, buying the mining machine, transporting it to mine, getting a crypto wallet, and connecting to the mining pool will be made easy while users will get assistance for operation and maintenance.

Before users earn Bitcoin, OXBTC promises a low threshold to mine cryptos so that users can start with the mining process quickly. Multiple payment procedures include credit cards, cryptos, and UnionPay. There is transparency in income distribution while the hash rates are delivered at 1:1.1+. What is more, the OXBTC customer service is available 24x7 to clear any query.

Popular Campaigns on OXBTC

There are three significant benefits for new users that are exclusive for beginners in Metaverse. The first will be free hash rates worth USD 300 from Antminer S19. Once the user has successfully claimed the free hash rates, Bitcoin mining profit will be generated in the next three days. It is valid for three days, and one can withdraw the profit after purchasing any mining service within thirty days after the expiration.

The second benefit for beginners in cryptocurrency will be BTC rewards on checking hash rates. At USD 3.99 for 0.1 TB, Filecoin Hashrate can be checked for thirty days, and at USD 21.80, BTC Antminer can be used for mining profits for 160 days.

The third benefit for new crypto users can be explored if the user joins the Telegram group of OXBTC for participating in lottery campaigns or airdrop.

There is also a Groupon lottery campaign where the user picks any product, makes the payment, and starts one group to get a free electricity fee of USD 5. One friend should be invited to join this group, and when the valid group is created, one winner is selected. The user will get up to 100 USDT free of cost and 2% off the BTC hash rate for a lifetime. The lucky winners will get trending Bitcoin services at a low cost, while the non-winners will get a full refund and high USDT commissions. The participants would share 2 BTC on 16th March together at SGT 23:59:59.

On referring one friend, the user gets 2BTC with 100 USDT free of cost. BTC Pandaminer P5 is available at USD 86.42 with a lifetime service term, and electricity worth USD 5 for free can be obtained on starting the group. BTC Antminer S19 is available at USD 15.90 with 160 days of service term, and on starting the group, free electricity fee of USD 1 will be obtained.

OXBTC is not just a platform for mining cryptos. It intends to build a more open, efficient, and secure new economic system through blockchain technology to help users worldwide connect with the decentralized crypto space with greater ease while creating crypto value over the long run.