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OXBTC | Free BTC Mining Sites for BTC Cloud Mining & Free Crypto Hash Rate

OXBTC | Free BTC Mining Sites for BTC Cloud Mining & Free Crypto Hash Rate

We welcome you to enter the digital age of mining! Our company not only provides bitcoin cloud mining services for crypto enthusiasts but also provides bitcoin cloud mining services for everyone who wants to start mining without any investment. In addition, our platform is user-friendly, and anyone who knows zero or less about Bitcoin can easily start mining. If you are interested in other popular and profitable digital currencies, please continue to pay attention to OXBTC. Our digital currency investment experts are committed to launching more online cloud mining products that help investors profit.

OXBTC was established in 2014 and began operations in mainland China. After 6 years of development, the company is now headquartered in Singapore and has multiple mines all over the world. We have provided reliable and safe processes for Bitcoin mining for 6 years and have been trusted by more than 900K miners and investors all over the world. We have experienced programmers and engineers who can make all miners' mining more flexible and profitable.

Logging in to OXBTC is very simple. Just log in to get a free computing power pack. Novice packs worth more than $500 are updated from time to time. This year it even includes a lottery draw that provides users with free 200 Dogecoins and has received many new users’ welcome. Once you have set up a mining account, your income will be updated in your account daily after the start of the effective period. You can download the OXBTC APP to view it in the "Mining" column, and you can view the notifications about OXBTC operating mines, mining machines, updated products, and the latest prices in the app Announcement, and control your digital currency mining anytime, anywhere. My investment.


You can withdraw your mined bitcoins after reaching the minimum 0.005 BTC threshold. Your coins will be transferred to your wallet after 24 working hours. User data security is our top priority; our portal is SSL secure, providing complete security beyond encryption. Our data center is faster than all mining providers

We are profitable in this highly competitive era because we use cheap electricity and the most efficient mining hardware (ASIC). OXBTC has accumulated resources in digital currency mining for many years, enabling OXBTC to obtain more information and resources from upstream suppliers, purchase and obtain more efficient mining machines, and maintain continuous updates.

Use your referral link to earn at least 20% from every active miner who joins our mining data center. Join an affiliate program that values ​​your partnership.

Our mining hardware is highly efficient and uses a high hash rate, which increases the chances of solving complex calculations, which is necessary to obtain Bitcoin BTC as a reward.

OXBTC's online services have been more than 6 years, and a group of experts who operate in the mines has been produced. OXBTC also has a professional digital investment team and online customer service support team to help more investors solve the problems encountered in the process of mining using OXBTC. To the question. The bridge between the back-end mines and the front-end miners is to download updated applications through the official website OXBTC.COM and official channels.

For the more latest information about OXBTC mining, users can follow the official social media accounts for more continuous news.

We have a team of qualified and experienced mining experts who can guide you to solve all doubts and help you to mine easily. Our data center is located where we use green and cheap electricity for mining and cooling systems, which is why our maintenance costs are low. Provide uninterrupted service, online mining control, multi-level authorization system, and comprehensive defense against DDoS attacks in our data center. You only need to register at OXBTC to receive the special gift package prepared by the OXBTC platform for new users for free and start to experience the mining products on OXBTC and start the simulated mining experience. After getting familiar with the platform, you can start the formal mining investment.

After purchasing the plan, you will start earning income immediately. Our ASIC miners are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Compared to industry standards, our advanced plans are upgraded and cheaper. OXBTC has actual operating mines and many mining machines behind it, and there are miners in various mines operating on-site to deal with technical problems that occur from time to time.

If you have any questions about any process on the website, please don't be nervous, just contact our experts and we will help you at any time. contact us!

After ASIC mining machines were launched in the industry, most mining pools became unprofitable because ASIC mining machines have faster mining speeds compared to GPU mining. It is the latest technology that can make your mining profitable, so it is best to choose ASIC mining machines to get profit.

Gone are the days when GPU mining was profitable. With the increasing difficulty of mining, there is more and more competition including professional mining pools, so it is best to choose a mining pool with the latest mining algorithms and efficient hardware.

When choosing a mining pool, you should also keep in mind, for example, the location of their data center in the world, power consumption, cooling system, and so on.

I know most of you want to know how Bitcoin mining works. You may be confused about free bitcoin mining. Some websites claim to provide free hashing power, and Bitcoin is currently the most expensive thing. How can anyone give it away for free? Once upon a time, CPU mining was very cheap and profitable, but now mining alone is the most competitive and challenging thing.

Then you will say why you choose OXBTC. The reason is very simple. OXBTC has the latest mining hardware and can mine profitably. OXBTC uses green energy, and our mining center is located where our cooling costs are small.