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Guidelines for OXBTC Entry-level Users

Guidelines for OXBTC Entry-level Users

OXBTC - Brand-new Upgrade

Founded in 2014, OXBTC strives to provide the best entrance to the crypto world for beginners, allowing everyone to experience the fun of it as soon as possible. Since its inception, OXBTC has built convenient, efficient ties with crypto enthusiasts from over 50 countries.

As 2021 draws to an end, OXBTC is officially acquired by InToBlock Technologie Limited. Headquartered in Hong Kong, lnToBlock Technologie Limited is a leading provider of blockchain services led by founders with years of experience at world-renowned tech companies and financial institutions.

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On the brand-new OXBTC website, you can try out more fascinating segments, including Learn, Earn, Mining, etc.

What is OXBTC Earn?

OXBTC Earn is an awesome way to increase your holdings through easy clicking and simple operation. There are various tasks that you can complete and earn your rewards of OXCoins.

OXCoins have a fixed price in dollars and will not follow the cryptocurrency price fluctuation. If you have enough OXCoins, you can exchange them and increase your holdings.

See more details about OXBTC Earn, please click here.


What is OXBTC Learn? 

This segment covers all the blockchain news you need, allowing users to keep track of the latest market development. At the same time, we also introduced the Binnger Academy to help you master more blockchain know-how.

In this part, you can grab the latest blockchain news and leading opinions, welcome to visit News&Blog. In this section, we're talking about the blockchain trends as well as outstanding reviews.

What is OXBTC Mining?

As an upgrade of the previous Mining Services, the Mining segment features Host Mining and Hardware. Open the segment for the most popular BTC mining rigs and the latest progress of overseas mining farms! 

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The Advantages of Mining at OXBTC

All users could easily participate in mining at OXBTC for the relatively lower threshold of participation than parts of mining platforms. As a new user, you may get the mining gift and attend campaigns for the rewards.

As a mining platform which provides mining service for 6 years, OXBTC has already reached in-depth cooperation with many top mining rig manufacturers around the world and boasts a competitive supply chain. With thousands of professional mines under its management across Asia and America, OXBTC ensures the stable and uninterrupted operation of the rigs in all aspects.

What's more, OXBTC has put BTC, ETH, and IPFS products on shelves to meet different purchasing demands. Under the safe and stable supply chains, our platform aims to provide a trustworthy mining condition for each user to gain profit. Also, the supportive customer service team will help you solve various problems that occurred to your accounts.

Now, you are more accessible to the branded-new OXBTC. From Earn, Learn to Mining, in each step we provide a brief guide so that you won't get lost.

Hurry up! Take this roadmap and start your journey in OXBTC!