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OXBTC Anniversary: Roadmap of the Next Six Years

OXBTC Anniversary: Roadmap of the Next Six Years

OXBTC's Six-year Long Journey


Since 2014, OXBTC has become one of the most senior platforms with six years of continuous operation. Along the way, the platform met many challenges. Among our peers in the early days, some have exited from the mining market due to harsh market conditions or operation failures, and some stopped operating during the bear market and restarted when the bull market came. For instance, platforms such as GenesisMinig and HashNest had all terminated their operation. OXBTC is the only mining platform that has stayed in business throughout the bull and bear markets.

Later on, the family has grown bigger as OXBTC started collaborating with partners like PandaMiner and Halley Mining. In the past few years, many of our peers have made great fortunes overnight relying on all sorts of tactics and gimmicks. OXBTC has kept its commitment to stability. The platform did not issue any tokens or switch to other sectors. Instead, OXBTC has focused on mining. Step by step, we have built up a sound foundation. Although this took years of effort, we believe it to be worthwhile.

Many people think that our approach is not a smart one. However, here at OXBTC, we believe in staying true to the original aspirations, which will motivate and guide the team as we go forward. Since the day it was founded, OXBTC’s commitment has always been “making mining easier through solid progress and a down-to-earth spirit”. In the next six years, we will keep striving toward this goal.

investment Opportunities of Mining in Today’s Market


After the BTC price shot up to $20,000, no one doubted the fact that the bull market had arrived. Although many believe that the market has boomed already, the upper limit of growth in a bull run is never predictable. This is especially true considering that, after the three-year adjustment cycle, the crypto market is now backed by sound fundamentals and a continued wave of favorable factors, including the proactive participation by institutional investors around the world, the crypto payment support of some platforms, and the world-wide regulatory support of mining farms, etc.

Whether you are holding mining machines or cryptocurrencies, if you are a crypto stakeholder, you are in luck. Congratulations, you have survived the bear market. Now, it is time for profits. In today’s market, the most prudent investment strategy is to hold onto your mining machines and tokens and enjoy the rising profits of the bull market.

Another suggestion is: Avoid risky investment strategies like leverages and futures. If you do not own any crypto assets or if your holdings are low, you can make crypto investments after certain price corrections. Also note that compared with token speculation, mining has more in common with traditional businesses and is a more prudent investment choice. In addition to the right timing, investors also need to look for reliable suppliers and partners, learn to eliminate risks through hedging tools and balance the profit against risks. In short, investors should remain rational and take reasonable actions as they try to profit from mining.

OXBTC's Plan for 2021


After a six-year period of two bear and bull cycles, OXBTC is optimistic that the market will flourish next year. While maintaining the existing BTC services, the platform will focus on the following crypto assets:

1. OXBTC will continue to highlight ETH mining.

As a long-standing provider of ETH mining services, OXBTC will not miss the opportunity of ETH, be it ETH 1.0 or ETH 2.0. In the coming year, the platform will prepare for the latest PoW mining machines as well as new PoS services. Please stay tuned.

2. OXBTC will also focus on FIL mining.

Many miners do not take FIL mining as a good choice because it is too complicated. However, mining has always been a mid-to-long-term investment. Mining projects that promise enormous and instant returns have all failed. When it comes to FIL, which is a newly-launched mining asset, we need to have patience. Despite its complexity, FIL now offers exceptional payback periods, which is particularly true for mining machines with full-storage hash rates. So I personally believe FIL is a great investment opportunity.

3. We will keep track of the development of certain lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

Although they are new projects, these tokens are very promising. Spoiler alert: One of the new services OXBTC will introduce features G1-Mini, an ASIC miner designed for mining Grin at home.

We will offer more services and market insights. Please stay tuned. With the help of OXBTC, miners will be able to survive the bear market and embrace the bull market.