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Mining Machine - As FIL Mining model released, Will your Mining Machine be able to mining?

Mining Machine - As FIL Mining model released, Will your Mining Machine be able to mining?

The current digital currency market frenzy is mainly dominated by two waves. One wave is occupied by the "liquid mining" project led by Defi, and the other wave is the mining wave of Fil mining machines. These two waves of enthusiasm have given a sluggish figure. The currency market has brought new enthusiasm and leeks.

It is said that the current market is the competition between the elderly and the newcomers. Most of the elderly are guarding the mainstream currency to rise, waiting for an opportunity to play a contract or leverage to make heartbeats, while most newcomers are stimulated by the Defi fever and all go to stud; the rest; A small number of people are looking for opportunities in other hot spots, such as Filecoin miners!

Although the Fil mining machine scam has deceived us for several years, with this year's Filecoin claiming to launch the main net, today's Fil mining machines are coming more violently than in previous years.

Even if the official launch of the main net in August is delayed again, it will not affect the Filecoin mining machine investors’ mentality that Filecoin surpasses Bitcoin, and it will not affect whether the mining machines they purchased can actually mine.

Of course, delaying the main net launch is definitely a good thing for most miners. After all, the time for the "emperor's new outfit" to be broken will be delayed.

So, today, the Lord will talk about this Fil mining machine. Although I have said before, the attitude we should maintain for the current Fil attitude is: watch, watch, and don't start easily, including futures and mining machines. "Since the completion of the financing, what has IPFS brought to the leeks?

The reason for saying this today is because, on August 28th, Filecoin officially launched the final version of the economic model.

The 32-page Filecoin economic model can be said to be the final version of the mining economic model.

From this economic model, I understand why the Bitcoin mining union ignores such a popular Fil mining machine market!

This requirement for miners is simply incomparable. If the entry-level of Bitcoin miners is regarded as an elementary school degree to participate, then the entry-level of Fil mining must reach the threshold of doctoral-level to truly participate.

Everyone should know that for Bitcoin mining, buy a mining machine, find a cheap place for electricity, and then join the mining pool to start the mining process. You can mine as much as you need in your pocket; what about Filecoin? In addition to staking a certain amount of crypto to participate in mining, it also has a disciplinary mechanism and a release mechanism.

As can be seen from the table below, Fil mining adopts the "block reward benchmark casting" model in the initial stage, only rewarding miners with 30% of the coins they mined, and the remaining 70% after the effective computing power of the network reaches a certain scale. Will be released.

And the release period is set to 20 days and 180 days.

From the Filecoin economic model table, you can see that this 20-day period is called the reward delay period. To put it bluntly, the mined crypto must be locked for 20 days before they are released. The release is not a one-time release, but to experience a 180-day linear release!

Er… Do you still play with wool? It takes more than 200 days for me to invest so much money to mine to see the coins I dug?

How does this make me feel more and more like the official order for the miners to raise prices for their own shipments?

You know, before going online, those oligarchs have already acquired a large number of pre-mined crypto.

After going online, miners are asked to purchase crypto to a pledge to participate in mining, and the mined coins will have to go through a long period of lock-up and release before they can get into their hands.

This is not to raise the price. What are your own goods? In addition, a disciplinary system was mentioned earlier.

As you can see, this disciplinary system is mainly to impose a penalty on those miners who fail to meet the standards, and the consequence of the penalty is to "eat" the crypto pledged by the miners.

Let's take a look at the three types of punishment. A large part of these three types of punishment is related to technicality!

To put it bluntly, this punishment measure is to use the miners' mistakes to make the miners pay.

From the Fil mining model released this time, I have summarized a few points:

First, mining requires a continuous pledge of coins. The higher your computing power, the more coins you need to pledge. Second, if the mining machine business fails due to technical problems, the miner will be punished; therefore, participation in Fil mining is not 100% positive. Third, the mined coins not only cannot be obtained at once but also need to be locked and released for a long time before they can be received. Compared with Bitcoin mining, the risk of return is infinitely increased!

Of course, the most important point is the second point. The miners' own pledged coins will also be punished and deducted due to technical problems. If this happens, it can be said that it is a steal!

From the current test nodes, as many as hundreds of nodes have participated in the test, but how many of them are really effective in the end? I am afraid that even they themselves have no bottom!

For those who have already purchased Fil mining machines, in addition to worrying about the current cycle, the first concern at present is whether their mining machines can actually participate in Fil mining.

In conclusion, for the current Fil mining, I suggest that we take a cautious attitude towards it.