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Mining at Home - Speculating Crypto: to buy or Mining at Home?

Mining at Home - Speculating Crypto: to buy or Mining at Home?

While speculating cryptocurrency bring us huge business opportunity, more and more people wonder if it is better to invest BTC, FIL, ETH crypto by speculation or mining. However, as you read over this article, you may believe that mining crypto, buying a mining machine and mining at home, will be your priority.

IPFS distributed storage, as a technology with practical applications that can promote the development of the human digital economy era, has received wide attention from all walks of life since its birth, and has been applied in some areas, and it will be popularized among the people in the future. . FIL crypto is the only pass certificate for this technological network.

Investors who are optimistic about the IPFS technology and want to invest in FIL crypto are caught in a difficult dilemma, speculating or mining at home?

It is said that speculating crypto is not as good as hoarding crypto, and hoarding crypto is not as good as mining crypto.

In fact, buying a machine to mine crypto is like buying a hen, and you pay the cost of buying a hen, but this hen can continue to bring benefits to you from laying eggs, and it can always be profitable. Incubate the egg into a chick, and then turn it into a chicken that lays another egg. The volatility of the secondary market has little impact on it. Even if the currency price drops, you only paid out the money to buy chickens, and the eggs you produced still have value.

Buying crypto is equivalent to buying eggs. You can only buy as many eggs as you have. Their quantity will not increase or decrease, but their value will change with the market that you cannot grasp. And when you only have so many eggs in your hand, as soon as the price changes, you will start to be anxious and anxious about whether or not you want to sell.

Then we will analyze how to choose them from the perspective of profit and risk!

Mining at home means more rewards

Suppose you have one hundred thousand yuan. According to the current currency price, you can get 240 FIL crypto. After buying, your account will only have 240. But only when the price of the crypto rises, you can sell it for profit. Otherwise, once a decline will result in a direct loss. Then I calculate that the currency price increases by 20% every year and if you insist on not selling, your income for the next five years will be about 145,232, plus the principal amount in the account after five years, a total of 245,232 yuan, (Can you hold one crypto for five years under the volatility of the market?)

What about 100,000 miners? At present, you can buy 64 machines for 50,000 yuan on the market. At full capacity, it can produce about 2.2 crypto per day. A mining machine can be used for at least five years, which means at least five years of output, (365\*5) 2.2=4015. It is equivalent to five years and a total of 4015 crypto can be produced. The current currency price is 430 yuan/piece to calculate 430\*4015=1726450 yuan.

All of the above are based on the benefits that can be obtained under the condition of getting the best time to make a shot without changing the color under the fluctuation of the market. It can be seen that the gap is very obvious.

There is a saying in the stock market that "one gain, one level, eight losses", people who make money in the secondary market will never exceed 20%, and the proportion in the currency circle is definitely lower. It seems simple to make a transaction to make money, one transaction is completed once you buy and sell. Everyone is thinking about buying low and selling high, selling high and buying low, but in the end it becomes chasing the rise and killing the fall.

Mining at home means less risk

It is still 100,000 yuan to buy 240 crypto. Assuming that the price of the currency drops to 10 dollars per crypto after five years, then your 100,000 yuan is only about 15,600 yuan. Friends who don’t know can do the calculations. .

Buying a mining machine at 50,000 can produce 4015 crypto in five years, and after five years it will fall to 10 dollars per crypto, then you still have 4015\*10=40150 dollars, that is, you can still sell it for 260,975 yuan. It is still profitable, even more than the 20% annual increase in the above-mentioned currency speculation.

The above is the last remaining output value under the same currency price loss, and the gap is obvious.

Surely some people will say that I only make short-term speculation to make quick money. How can I hold one crypto for five years? I must sell when it rises, buy when it falls, and always make money and cash out, but you ask yourself, do you have such an awesome mentality and such an awesome technology? Can you choose to buy at each highest point without changing the color under the constantly fluctuating market daily, weekly, and monthly? If you really have the mentality of this technology, then please exit this article and go to the full warehouse.

Compared with Tuncoin, mining at home has a stronger ability to resist volatility risks. If you hold a heavy position in a certain currency, and you happen to encounter an extreme market of nearly 50% decline in a day like 312, it is very likely that you will be out of the game early. However, mining is a long-term output process, and short-term fluctuations have little effect on the mentality of users, so investors who choose mining machine can often grasp the peak of the market.

Mining at home is the most traditional investment method in the blockchain field. Digital currency has emerged because of Bitcoin, and Bitcoin is well-known for mining at home. At present, the bigwigs we have seen basically all started from mining. In the blockchain field of the Hurun Rich List in 2019, 9 of the top 12 were on the list because of mining. It can be seen that mining machine is the secret to the real wealth of the currency circle.

Based on the above points, I really want to make money and consider that a long-term profit is still higher and more stable for mining at home. Of course, it does not mean that it is not feasible to buy crypto. When the market fluctuates sharply, go appropriately. Buying can indeed earn more in the short term than mining crypto in the same period, but the secondary market in the currency circle is more complicated than the stock market, and there are more affected factors. The most important thing is that it has not risen. Drop limit. Therefore, rational investment is more necessary,

Since you are willing to invest in FIL, it means that you are definitely optimistic about the prospects of FIL. So the editor here suggests two-way investment. Don't put all eggs in the same basket. We can use some of the funds to conduct a short-term transaction, and the other part. Buy mining machines to create stable income. This can maximize the protection of our investors' own interests.