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How to Start Bitcoin mining 2021

How to Start Bitcoin mining 2021

Although the shortage of mining hardware is evident, bitcoin mining is in full swing since 2020-21. Using proper equipment in perfect combination with electricity cost can help you earn profit from mining while keeping the network safe from attacks. So, if you participate in the PoW (Proof of Work) algorithm for discovering new blocks to validate transactions, you are following BTC mining and as a matter of fact, this industry is keeping the blockchain integrity secured while ensuring that the transactions are irreversible. The miner is rewarded with a Bitcoin block reward every time a new block is found, which is set at around 6.25 BTC/block although the amount can change due to the algorithm of a mining pool.


Things You Need For Bitcoin Mining

OXBTC has been working as a reliable platform to mine bitcoins and various other cryptocurrencies while offering lucrative profits. People who used to trade or buy BTC have been mining it as it costs less and under the right conditions, it can be very much profitable. Here are the things you will need to mine

Bitcoin Wallet

Whether you choose software support like OXBTC or any other wallet, make sure it is secure and reliable enough. Hardware wallets, although secure, are not flexible to use and if you are a beginner, using software wallets will be more helpful.

Mining Hardware

Using cloud mining hardware with a greater hash rate will help in the mining process and increase the rewards. There are different types of hardware –CPU mining was the first kind introduced in this industry where low-power devices could participate and GPU mining was quite popular, thanks to the efficiency increased five times than CPU mining. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) came into the market with higher efficiency followed by Application Specific Integrated Circuit or ASIC that is still ruling the market.

Mining Software

With self-run mines, OXBTC has become a global mining software that lowers the participation threshold for the users while offering an intuitive experience by eliminating capital risks and guaranteeing 1:1.1+ hash rates for mining rig delivery. The mining software indicates the hardware on how it should operate, the algorithm to follow, when to operate and to which address the Bitcoin rewards are to be sent.


Choosing Bitcoin Mining Software

The software is to be chosen before the hardware as it controls the mining algorithm to work with while acting as a hub to control the miner. As mining efficiency is dependent upon the software, you might want to try out a few software options like OXBTC and while buying your crypto mining software, you should consider the following :

  • See whether the software is compatible with your operating system like Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc. Choose the software that supports different operating systems so that even if you change your system, the mining process is not hampered.
  • Bitcoin runs on the SHA256 algorithm and your software has to support this mining algorithm for successful cloud mining.
  • Do not go for the software that is compatible with a specific hardware mining, because software like OXBTC has support for ASIC mining as well as FPGA, GPU, and CPU mining.
  • Always choose a software that is more efficient but easy to use, like that in Do not blindly follow low resource miner software that is efficient but tough to use.
  • Check out the software that supports switching cryptocurrency automatically with remote access and has a mining schedule.
  • So software can be free to download and use but require an extra or hidden charge for additional features. Choose your software that offers easy setup and service without hidden cost.

The market value of Bitcoin is growing and therefore, the mining profitability has also increased in recent years. While powerful and efficient hardware can discover the blocks faster while earning rewards, these can be expensive. Choose your software carefully and give OXBTC a go before choosing hardware.