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How to Play the Stablecoin Lossless Mining with HT Cash?

How to Play the Stablecoin Lossless Mining with HT Cash?

Ethereum mining skyrocketed, and the DeFi boom continued unabated. Algorithmic stablecoins will usher in a climax at the beginning of 2021. There are still 30 Huobi quotas for projects on the Huobi Ecological Chain, which instantly ignited the community to mine algorithmic stablecoins.

It doesn’t matter if you run out of Bitcoin. Take your U. Huobi Eco-Chain will launch the first HTC anchored HT algorithm at 21:00 on January 13, 2021. This project is also based on improvements made by Basis. The difference is anchoring HT: HT rises and he rises, and HT falls, he can make arbitrage. It is said that the annualization can be up to 200 times. HT is the son of Huobi. He empowers HT and HECO. The opportunity to go to the market is greatly increased, and the direct happiness is doubled. How to play such fragrant mining?

ETH mining - Mechanism introduction

The full name of HTC is HT ANCHOR CASH. There are three tokens in the ecosystem:

HTC (the purpose is to become a stable currency anchored to HT, and the ratio is maintained (Schelling Point) HTC: HT=1:1)

HTS (Project Equity Token)

HTB (bond currency)

Those who have played basis know that the purpose of HTB and HTS is to maintain the anchor of HTC and HT, and to generate arbitrage space in it. The specific implementation is as follows, which is also similar to basis:

1\. When HTC is lower than 1HT

At this time, the project will sell HTB at a discounted price. For example, 0.5 HTC can buy 1 HTB, and 1 Bond can be exchanged for 1 HTC when the price of HTC is higher than 1HT in the future. This will increase HTC's demand and pull the price back to 1HT, which is the same as the central bank's issuance of repurchase bonds.

2\. When HTC is higher than 1HT

At this time, one HTB can be exchanged for one HTC. Because HTB was originally purchased at a discount, some participants sold HTC in order to obtain profit, thereby returning the price to 1HT. In addition, when the number of HTBs on the market is low, HTC will be distributed to those who pledge HTS to increase supply and suppress prices.


3\. ETH Mining skills

There are currently 11 pools available for ETH mining. This is the coolest one. The direct stable currency is 0 and HTC:

Pledge stablecoin HUSD and other HRC-20 currencies (HT, HBTC, HETH, HLTC, HBCH, HDOT, HBSV, HFIL, decentralized exchange token RAB, and algorithmic stable currency BAG) to obtain HTC by ETH mining.

There is no limit on the amount of pledge in the current pool, but each pool will only last for 10 days! At the same time, the risk is minimal, because it is only a stake, the strategy is not compromised, and the code logic is simple. It is directly based on the Basis protocol and has high security. It is just fine to open a mine.

Method: Set up the HECO wallet and go to HTC's official website to directly pledge. In the decentralized exchange, make the market for the HTC-HT and HTC-HUSD pools, and after obtaining the corresponding pool LP, pledge to obtain HTS.

Of course, these two pools may have impermanent losses, because HTC's target price is 1HT, but the higher the risk, the greater the return. Skilled old miners generally choose these two pools to stimulate and pursue higher returns. According to past experience, the annualization is often far more than 2000%. On the decentralized exchange, make the market for the HTS-HT and HTS-HUSD pools, and after obtaining the corresponding pool LP, pledge to obtain HTS.

This pool distributes 250,000 Basic Share tokens within a year. The same amount of HTS is mined every day and released linearly in one year. Compared with the previous pool, the total amount of HTS obtained is less but more stable.

Of course, if you look carefully for ETH mining, you will find that there will always be a price difference between HTC, HT, and HUSD, which provides an excellent triangular arbitrage opportunity.

Remind everyone again that, like Basis, HTC also has a board of directors, but it will not be available until 4 days after the project is excavated, so there is currently no risk of additional issuance! The code is again in the same line as Basis, but moved to HECO. In addition, with the Huobi blessing, you can pick up the coins when you dig them, and keep them on Huobi! Of course, all ETH mining has the risk of impermanence loss, balance yourself and make money back!