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How to mine on cloud computing power mining service platform

How to mine on cloud computing power mining service platform

**What is Bitcoin(BTC) mining?**

The issuance of Bitcoin (BTC) and the completion of transactions are achieved through mining, which is minted at a definite but continuously slowing rate. Each new block is accompanied by a certain number of new bitcoins from scratch, rewarded as blockchain to miners who find the block. Referred to as "mining," then the miners who get bitcoins can make profits by selling bitcoins!

**There are two modes of mining Bitcoin**

**Traditional mining**

Bitcoin is produced through mining. When Bitcoin (BTC) was first born, ordinary computer CPUs could mine to obtain Bitcoin. With more and more participants in mining, ordinary computers can't mine Bitcoin. Nowadays, only professional mining machines can be used to mine bitcoins. Participants need to purchase mining machines and build mining farms by themselves. After you manage, maintain, or buy the mining machine yourself, it is very cumbersome to host and dock the mine, and the capital required is too large. It is no longer an ordinary investor to participate.

**Mobile cloud computing power mining**

Cloud computing power is a way to achieve a win-win situation for investors. When you want to mine, you usually don't have a lot of time and money, and a small number of mining machines are not worth your effort to manage. So, you can add cloud computing power, join the OXBTC mining service platform of a large mining farm, and use it directly — OXBTC mining service platform mining machines to mine.

cloud mining.png

In this way, investors don't need to buy mining machines and don't care about anything. They can directly download the mobile app and purchase mining machine computing power leasing in the cloud to realize mining. It can be understood as renting the mining machine of the OXBTC mining service mine to discover mining.

It is equivalent to directly renting the mining machine of the platform's mining farm to mine BTC. The platform splits the computing power of its mining machine. The computing power of an Antiminer S19 Pro mining machine is 110T. After the split, it can be 1T computing power, 1T. The use of computing power dramatically reduces the threshold for miners to mine.

Say goodbye to traditional mining and the rise of cloud computing power. Maybe everyone can see Bitcoin (BTC) rise to 100,000 US dollars, but not everyone can own Bitcoin. Participate in mobile cloud computing power mining; everyone can easily own Bitcoin! Download the mining app and start mining now! Withdraw coins anytime!

**OXBTC mining service platform**

The OXBTC mining service platform is based on the token economy that uses mining as the entrance. You don't need to buy mining machines yourself. Mobile cloud computing power mining, mainly mining (Bitcoin, Ethereum, IPFS-FIL). Currently, the mining farm has been established. Over 910,000 miners or cryptocurrency investors in 6 years!

The OXBTC mining service platform has a strategic layout of independent research and development and is committed to providing users with solutions from mining to management in the whole cycle. The company has a senior management team from the old mining circle, financial leasing, banking, private equity, and other industries, with rich investment experience, and is committed to selecting the most cost-effective, high-output, low-power mining machine for customers on the market. The company has mines in Sichuan, Mongolia, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xinjiang, and other places, and there are many new types of mining machines.

You can learn more details on how OCBTC provides mining services to miners or cryptocurrency investors. This image describes how service provided and why OXBTC is a trusted cryptocurrency mining provider.

If you are interested in bitcoins investment or mining, you can find more on sales cloud miners from the [oxbtc.com](http://oxbtc.com/) website or download OXBTC APP from [Google play](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.oxbtcMiner.iamswr.myapplication).