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How to get through OXBTC Task quickly?

How to get through OXBTC Task quickly?

In our earn guide, we looked at OXBTC Earn as a means of claiming free earning in return for clicking ads and completing tasks.

If you’re serious about acquiring cryptocurrency without risk, you’ll need to look to alternatives for earning that promise a greater payout.

One such option is through completing OXBTC Task. This has the dual benefit of gifting you with earning, while also increasing your knowledge of how OXBTC can be used.

Here’s how it works, and the steps you can take to maximise your earnings as you complete tasks.

What is OXBTC Coin?

OXBTC coin is used to measure the value of tasks, not a token launched as OXBTC. You can earn from OXBTC Task, PTC Ads and Offerwalls while this guide focus on OXBTC Task.


What is OXBTC Task?

In short, OXBTC Tasks are all about OXBTC. We can simply divided these tasks into 4 types: General tasks, Learning tasks, Earning tasks and Mining tasks.


Novice tasks

There are some target tasks for any newcomers in OXBTC.



If you are fresh to OXBTC, to complete the registration is your first step. Click "GO" and jump to the registration page. Enter the information requested and complete the registration, you will get 1000 OXCoins.

If you have any questions about registration, find out here.


Daily Check-in

If you have an account, you can complete the Check-in tasks. You can get 3000 OXCoins for checking in 5 times.


Complete questionnaire

The third task for new users is to complete a questionnaire. Click "GO" and pop up the task details. Click "Complete it Now" , it will lead you to the questionnaire page and finish it.

*Pay attention to the task type, ACT means you need to do the action and PTC only requires browsing the information.



Browse learning pages

As a beginner, you can easily earn 2000 coins from browsing Beginner's Guide.

What's more, learning tasks for beginners will lead you to have a brief but detailed guide about how to explore OXBTC Earn.


Can't wait? Hurry up and take your first step! >>Novice tasks

General tasks

Most general tasks are in one step. You will be required to complete verification or follow the official media or even join the official group. Most of these tasks are to secure your accounts. While ensuring account security, you can also get high rewards of up to 2000 coins in one task.

>>General Task


Learning tasks

"Learn and Earn" can be easily from Learn tasks. In return for browsering on cryptocurrency and blockchain articles listed, you can earn a portion of coins.

For example, you can earn 500 OXCoins for learning about Bitcoin Mining, and an impressive 1000 OXCoins for learning about how to read from mining revenue at OXBTC.


Similar to complete general tasks, you need to complete the learning task through fully browsing the specified page within several seconds.


During browsing the page, you can find a time bar with countdown. You can also learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain while completing tasks.


When the countdown ends, click "Continue" to turn back to task page. Once the task is completed, the corresponding coins will be added to your coin wallet.


Of course, if you want to learn more about cryptography and blockchain apisode, you are welcome to visit our Academy and News station.

>>Learning Task

Mining tasks

Mining is the process to get new crypto. In OXBTC Earn, you can get reward through browsing mining product page or making an order for specific mining products.


*Pay attention to the task type, ACT means you need to do the action and PTC only requires browsing the information.

Browsing the product detail page is a PTC task and making an order is an ACT task. When you click to complete the task of making an order, you will jump to the new users gift page and make orders on that page. Once completed the purchase, you will get 5000 OXCoins.


>>Mining Task

Earning task

Compared with the above tasks, the earning task seems lonely. There are already many tasks with great OXCoins above, the earn task tends to simply guide you how to earn from PTC tasks.


Please pay attention to download and install the OX Earn plugin.


*Don't worry, if you forgot to install the plugin, it will remind you when you are ready to do PTC tasks.

Select one task you are interested in and it will guide you to the page. Follow the steps shown on the target page.


!Risk Notice: PTC Ads are from third-party services. Please pay attention to keep your private information and assets safe. OXBTC is not responsible for any loss due to the disclosure of personal information by yourselves.

When you complete the task and go back to earn page, you will get a notice on the top right corner that the OXCoins have been in your wallet.


Besides, you can check the details about the time and amount of your rewards.


>>Earning Task

Closing thoughts

Now, that’s quite a lot of options to earn passive income. OXBTC Earn gives you a pathway to earn passive income through simple browsing and easy steps, even a learning chance to explore crypto world. Don't stop and continue enjoying yourselves here!